Every Fact You've Ever Wanted to Know About Dumplin' Star Luke Benward

Dumplin'Ā was easily one of our favorite Netflix releases late last year and that's mostly due to star Luke BenwardšŸ˜».Ā 

These are the facts heĀ shared with Sweety High this week!

#MCM Luke Benward

(Photo credit:Ā Heidi Hartwig)

Name: Luke Benward

Hometown: Franklin, Tennessee

Birthday: May 12

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Fun Facts:

1.Ā If he could live in any fictional world, it would definitely be the Star Wars universe.

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2.Ā His biggest celeb crush is Kate Hudson.

3.Ā He considers himself a champion snack tosser.

"If you are the catcher, you practically don't have to move your head."

ā€“Luke Benward

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4.Ā Haunting of Hill HouseĀ was his latest Netflix binge.

"It was unbelievable!"

ā€“Luke Benward

5.Ā He'd steal Han Solo's style in a heartbeat if he could.

"Swag is on point."

ā€“Luke Benward

6.Ā His all-time fave online personalities are the Nelk Boys.


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