Want to Up Your Lunch Game? Try One of These Great Lunchboxes for Teens

We don't know about you, but we can't stand boring lunches.

When it comes to that meal right in the middle of the day, we love freshness, great texture and an awesome variety of flavors—and it definitely helps if it's all packed up inside a super-cute lunchbox. In fact, we think the right boxes can actually make your food taste better. If you're also looking for a lunchtime upgrade, keep scrolling for some of the cutest lunchboxes for teens.

Modern Picnic The Mini Luncher: $129

Yes, this Mini Luncher from Modern Picnic is by far the most expensive option on this list, but for good reason! On the outside, it looks like a super-cute handbag, with tons of great color options, but with its insulated interior, it's actually a super functional lunchbox that keeps food cool and is super easy to clean, with a magnetic closure to keep your lunch in place, and even a handy pocket for your utensils.

Modern Picnic The Mini Luncher: $129

(via Modern Picnic)


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Buffbunny Game Changer Backpack: $98

We love that this Game Changer Backpack doubles as a lunchbox, with both an interior drink holder and an insulated, easy-to-access food storage compartment at the base. That means you can keep food cool while also carrying around laptops, books and anything else you need to get you through your day.

Buffbunny Game Changer Backpack: $98

(via Buffbunny)


Yoobi x Marvel Avengers Bento Box: $19.99

We seriously can't get enough of bento boxes, and this collab box from Yoobi and Marvel features adorable chibi versions of the Avengers in a school bus. Even better, it comes with its own spoon and fork with their own special slots, plus three compartments to help you keep the different parts of your delicious lunch separate until it's time to chow down.

Yoobi x Marvel Avengers Bento Box: $19.99

(via Yoobi)


CALPAK Insulated Lunch Bag: $42

Can you tell that we adore lunchboxes that don'look like lunchboxes? This gingham lunch bag has a sweet, summery look making it perfect for picnics or everyday wear, and has a water-resistant, insulated liner to avoid messes while keeping your food fresh. It also has multiple pockets to help with organization and a drawstring closure that keeps everything in place and looks ultra-chic.

CALPAK Insulated Lunch Bag: $42

(via CALPAK)


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Lenox x Kate Spade New York Vintage Cherry Dot 4-Piece Rectangular Storage Set: $30

This storage set from Lenox and Kate Spade doesn'technically fall under the category of "lunchbox," but it's so darling that we think these are a necessity for packing your favorite foods inside the bigger lunch bags on this list. The cherry-covered containers are made of glass and have study plastic lids that won't budge while being transported. They've just got a look that makes you want to use them as often as possible.

Lenox x Kate Spade New York Vintage Cherry Dot 2-Piece Rectangular Storage Set

(via Lenox)


Out of the Woods Hedgehog Lunch: $30

We're obsessed with Out of the Woods' Hedgehog Lunch bag and the fact that it's made with washable paper, reminding us of classic brown paper lunch bags, but with a stylish twist. The bag is water-resistant and insulated to keep food cold while also made from vegan, sustainable materials, with a unique look you'll want to flaunt.

Out of the Woods Hedgehog Lunch: $30

(via Out of the Woods)


O-Yaki Ecoware Bento-Box With Utensils: $12.99

If you're looking for a bento box that provides a little more space and additional storage compartments, try one from O-Yaki. This one comes with three separate segments, which are deep enough to hold a substantial meal, and also comes with a set of reusable utensils, including a spoon, fork and chopsticks. We're also a big fan of the color options on offer.

O-Yaki lunch box with utensils

(via O-Yaki)


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The Somewhere Co. Sunshine Fruit Lunch Satchel: $21

The Somewhere Co. has some of the cutest patterns and designs when it comes to chic lunch bags, and this Sunshine Fruit Lunch Satchel has to be our favorite. On the inside, it's got an insulated polyester lining that makes for easy cleanups, while the leafy, tropical pattern will bring a smile to your face every time you sit down for lunch.

The Somewhere Co. Sunshine Fruit Lunch Satchel: $21

(via The Somewhere Co.)


The Kawaii Shoppu Multi-Layer Pastel Round Bento Lunch Box: $22+

Love showing off and sharing your epic home-cooked meals? Then a stackable, multi-layer bento lunch box may be perfect for you, and this set from The Kawaii Shoppu comes in stunning pastel shades that will make anyone envious. Available in pink, blue and green, these sets are durable and hold plenty of food while looking so sweet.

The Kawaii Shoppu Multi-Layer Pastel Round Bento Lunch Box: $22+

(via The Kawaii Shoppu)


Igloo Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends Playmate Classic 14 Qt Cooler: $54.99

We can't be the only ones whose dads use Igloo coolers as handy-dandy insulated lunchboxes, and this one featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse, plus Donald and Daisy Duck and Goofy, is totally classic but with a pop-art twist. These things are so sturdy, making them perfect for packing your favorite meal or toting around ice-cold beverages to a pool party.

Igloo Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends Playmate Classic 14 Qt Cooler: $54.99

(via Igloo)


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flip & tumble 24-7 Bag: $16

flip & tumble's 24-7 Bags are all about versatility, so while they're perfectly suited to being used as a handbag or tote for groceries, they're also adorable lunch bags that come in tons of adorable colors and patterns. Once you've eaten, you can also roll the bag up into a compact ball, and it's machine-washable, too.

Flip & Tumble 24-7 bags

(via flip and tumble)


W&P BYO Lunch Bundle: $35

W&P has some of the sleekest and most practical kitchen products around, and their brand new Porter Lunch Box is an instant classic. The bento-inspired lunch box has a one-liter capacity bowl with an optional divider and a removable tray, allowing you to keep the elements of your lunch separate and fresh, plus a set of fab stainless steel utensils in a clean, silicone carrying case. The bundle is available in chic mint, blush and charcoal colors, so no matter your aesthetic, there'll be a perfect match for you.

W&P Byo lunch bundle

(via W&P)


Now that you have an ultra-cute lunchbox, how about upgrading your wallet? Click HERE for all of our favorite options for teens under $100.