These New Bath Oils From Lush Will Literally Change Your Mood

There's no denying our total obsession with bath bombs.

From watching them fizzle in our tub to sinking into the beautifully colored water, we love everything about these luxurious pods of relaxation.

Now, Lush has released a new product to feed our bath bomb obsession: bath oils.

Much like bath bombs, these new bath oils are dropped in the tub and explode with colors and and skin-healthy ingredients that fizzle through your bath. These bath oils, however, are focused on more than relaxation. Created with an intoxicating range of essential oils, each new bath oil is perfectly designed to put you in any mood.

That's right, you can now experience a complete attitude adjustment while you soak in your tub.

Released on Jan. 5, the 17 new bath oils were created to cover a range of emotions. Whether you want to feel energized, grounded or relaxed, there are plenty of options within this new collection to help you achieve your desired mood.

In addition to giving you the power to change your mood, the new bath oils are all created with fair trade organic cocoa butter, which will leave your skin feeling healthy and beautiful.

So now we get to feed a positive mindset and relax in the bath? Count us in!

Click HERE to see all the exciting scents that the new bath oil collection has to offer.


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