Using Lush's Giant Bath Bomb Will Make Your Valentine's Day That Much More Special

Bath bombs are one of the greatest things we've been blessed with from Lush.

As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing a good bath bomb can't fix. Whenever I've had a rough day or just need to treat myself, I draw myself a bath and plop one of these bad boys into the water. I immediately feel my stress and worries melt away while I relax in the tub.

Just when I thought Lush's signature tub fizzers couldn't get any better, they released a giant version of their Rose Bombshell for Valentine's Day. Just how big is it? Well, it's three times larger than the average bath bomb. Impressive, huh?

When I read about this larger-than-life bath bomb, I immediately reached out to the company to see if they'd send me one. Sure enough, they did.

Receiving the massive fizzy was a true treat. I didn't waste any time giving it a try, because when life gives you the chance to bathe with a huge bath bomb, you take it.

Even before I unwrapped it, I was immediately entranced by its powerful rosey scent.

Because this bath bomb is pretty big, I didn't fill up my tub with as much water out of fear that it may overflow when I drop in the fizzer. When it didn't, I added some more water to my bathtub.

Watching the bath bomb dissolve into a sea of pink was utterly mesmerizing. Just like the regular Rose Bombshell, this guy came packed with a handful of yellow rose petals, making for a luxurious bath time experience.

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Though it's fairly large, it didn't take that much longer for the hot water to break it down.

Even though this massive bath bomb is essentially the same as its smaller counterpart, there's something so much more exciting and enjoyable about taking a bath with a fizzy of this size.

I definitely recommend picking up one of these bath bombs while you still can. Regardless of what your plans are this Valentine's Day, cancel them and treat yourself to a bath with the giant Rose Bombshell. You won't be disappointed. Plus, we all really need to practice some more self-love.


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