Lush's Romantic Valentine's 2020 Collection Is All About Pampering Yourself

Lush is going all out with their Valentine's Day goodies this year, and we wouldn't expect anything less.

Yet again, the collection features some deliciously scented and vibrantly pigmented products with a romantic twist, and we've fallen in love with each and every one of them. Our friends at Lush were kind enough to send us a big package of goodies to try ahead of Valentine's Day, and here's what we think of them all.


(via Lush)

Prince Charming Shower Gel: $9.95 – $25.95

Prince Charming Shower Gel will catch your attention with its bright hues before winning you over with a scent that's part citrusy and part floral, all backed up by a sweet vanilla. It's boldly colored, making the bubbles on your skin bright pink as you lather up, and it'll leave your skin feeling silky soft, too. And though it's not one of the uses specified in the directions, we've found that it also creates a luxurious bubble bath when run under the tap, filling the tub with silky bubbles and dyeing the water a delicate reddish-pink.



Peachy Soap: $6.95

This sweet, silky soap smells just as good as it looks. There's no denying its fruity peach fragrance, and it's smooth and luxurious on the skin. It also has the slightest hint of shimmer to leave your skin looking dewy and renewed. The only problem, if you can call it one, is that it's so cute you won't want to use it all up.



Cherry Lip Scrub: $12.95

Though $12.95 might at first seem quite pricey for this 0.8 oz. tub of lip scrub, after a single use you'll realize it's worth every penny. Just a little goes a long way to exfoliate and soften dry, chapped lips—particularly in the cold winter months surrounding Valentine's Day. As soon as you open the jar, you're hit with the strong scent of cherry candy, and licking the excess off your lips is the best part of the lip scrub experience. Somehow, it tastes even better than it smells, and if it weren't for its awesome exfoliating properties, we'd be tempted to eat this scrub right out of the jar.




Unicorn Lip Scrub: $12.95

Lush's Unicorn Lip Scrub is just as good as the cherry flavor, but with a little added sparkle. It has all of the same exfoliating and hydrating properties, but with a hint of glamorous glitter and a unique sour candy flavor. If you're having trouble choosing between the two, we don't think there's any harm in trying out both.



Love Boat Bath Bomb: $6.95

What could be cuter than a bath bomb shaped like a little boat? This bomb, with an adorable pink heart at its bow, is colored in lively blue, pink and yellow, smells like invigorating citrus.


When placed in a hot bath, it floated on the surface and took much longer to dissolve than other Lush bath bombs we've tried in the past, zipping around the water as it left a trail of tie-dye colors in its wake. The bath left us feeling relaxed, moisturized and ready to take on anything.

Lush Love Boat Bath Bomb dissolving in tub


Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar: $6.95

Lush's Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar definitely packs a punch. By breaking off pieces and crumbling them under the running water, you can instantly fill the tub with heaps of white bubbles scented with lavender and ylang ylang. It also dyes the water a delicate pink color. We managed to get four amazing bubble baths out of a single horn, so it's perfect if you want to treat yourself again and again on a budget.



Love Locket Amazeball Bath Bomb: $9.95

We love Lush's Amazeball line of bath bombs. Within this hollowed-out heart bath bomb, complete with a blue "lock," were tiny bath bombs in all colors shaped like conversation hearts. We took our first bath using just the contents of the Love Locket, and though it only colored the water a light yellow, the candy-like smell was completely worth it.


In terms of color, we wound up getting a lot more out of the Love Locket, itself, during a second bath. These ones quickly filled the tub with hot pink water, with a pop of blue. The big heart seemed to have the same orangey, candy-like smell of the tiny hearts, and the bath left our skin feeling ultra-silky.

Lush Love Love Locket Amazeball Bath Bomb in tub


Tingle Naked Body Conditioner: $14.95

Our experience with the Tingle bar was our first foray with Lush's naked body conditioners, so we weren't exactly sure what to expect. It's used similarly to hair conditioner, in that you soap up first and rinse off before applying in order to leave your skin feeling nourished and hydrated—meaning you don't have to lotion up after getting out of your hot shower. This one is scented with peppermint and leaves a cooling, tingly sensation on the body. We've also found it makes shaving effortless, and extra fun because of the amazing scent.



Ro's Argan Naked Body Conditioner: $16.95

If you prefer milder fragrances than mint, the Ro's Argan body conditioner might be a better fit for you. It has all of the same conditioning properties, but is more lightly scented with almond and rose. We also found it to be the most hydrating of the three bars we tried, but we warned—it can make your shower floor extra slippery if used in excess!



Pansy Naked Body Lotion: $12.95

Last, but definitely not least, is the Pansy Naked Body Lotion, which is our favorite scent of the three we tried. It's moisturizing like the others, but this one has a scent that combines citrus with a bit of spicy floral zing. It's just the thing to perk you up in the morning before a big, tough day.



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