MAC'D Is Every Mac and Cheese Enthusiast's Dream Restaurant

Mac and cheese-lovers, rejoice! The restaurant of your dreams actually exists.

Allow us to introduce you to San Francisco-based brick-and-mortar MAC'D.

What started as a mere pop-up shop has expanded to a sit-down joint, thanks to funding from an Indiegogo campaign completed last year.

At MAC'D, visitors have the opportunity to customize their own cheesy pasta creation any way they like it. It's basically a Chipotle for mac and cheese, aka the greatest thing to ever happen.

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When it comes to making your mac, the possibilities are nearly endless.

You start by choosing your sauce (traditional cheddar, garlic or honey and jalapeño) and noodle type (elbows, shells or cauliflower), then you can mix in just about anything you'd like. From the more traditional toppings like bacon, broccoli and chicken, to the more unique add-ins such as Flamin' Hot Cheetos, crab and banana peppers, no two dishes will ever turn out the same.

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If you happen to be vegan, they offer a vegan cheese sauce option. Basically, this is the only spot any of us need to eat at for the rest of our lives.

Aside from the mac and cheese, MAC'D also has some pretty interesting sides on their menu. Honey-Sriracha brussels sprouts, loaded fries and collard greens are just a few of the delicious bites they offer.

The actual space is super adorable. It's comfy and cozy, perfectly embodying how we feel when we consume a bowl of mac and cheese. It even serves as the perfect backdrop for some Instagram-worthy shots.

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While the restaurant is currently only based in San Fran, we're hoping 2018 is the year MAC'D expands all across the globe. Fingers crossed!


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