How Actress Mackenzie Hancsicsak Stays Happy and Healthy During Quarantine

While we're all stuck inside right now, one of the things we can take comfort in is that we are all going through it together—celebrities included.

We chatted with This Is Us actress Mackenzie Hancsicsak about how she's staying happy and healthy during quarantine, including the activities she's doing with her family, how she's keeping in touch with friends, and more. She's also started a couple of very important campaigns designed to spread happiness. Keep reading to find out all about them.

Sweety High: What are your top tips right now for staying healthy and positive during this difficult time?

Mackenzie Hancsicsak: I think trying to maintain a schedule as much as you can right now is good. We're doing schooling at home, which is done in blocks. I wake up at 8, start school at 9, and have lunch at noon, which is fun because my dad's working from home now, so my dad and mom and I all have lunch together. Mostly tuna or PB and J (with the crusts cut off).

We've been trading TP with some friends who haven't been able to find any and one gave us some oranges and tangelos, which are so sweet and good. It's been hard not to snack all the time because we're home and bored, but snacking on fruits has been great. My mom also loves to bake, so we've gotten a lot of cookies and brownies and stuff, too.

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SH: What would you say are the most important things to remember right now?

MH: To try and stay positive and know that the whole world is literally going through the same thing as you. We're in this all together, so there's comfort in knowing that. And that someday hopefully soon, we'll be back to our old lives again.


SH: How are you staying in touch with your friends right now?

MH: We do FaceTime, which is great, and we've been making TikTok videos, and sometimes we play games over the phone. Some are just like, "Take a photo and send it to me," and trying to play a virtual game over the phone has been funny. Anything to keep connected. I miss my friends and teachers so much.


SH: What kind of activities have you been doing with your family?

MH: We've been playing a lot of board games and making TikTok videos and going on walks with our dogs and trying new recipes. We made dinner the other night using crescent rolls, ground beef, cheese and pickles. That was fun. The best part was we were all there working on it together.


SH: Any other advice for your fans?

MH: Hang in there and try and do creative stuff and share it. I've watched so many cool amazing creative videos that people have made with their families. There's so much talent out there. Keep it coming. Please!

We started a campaign called #tieabowchallenge, where you can nominate three friends to make a bow out of anything you currently have in your house and hang it on your door as a symbol to say thank you to all the essential workers who are basically giving their all to take care of us during this time. We launched the campaign Monday and we're hoping it will spread all over the world.

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Also, I've been making videos every Sunday for the past 13 weeks called #sunnysunday. I came up with the idea to try and post something fun and positive every Sunday in 2020. Now that we're all at home, it's been getting harder to come up with stuff since we can't go anywhere. So anyone who wants to send me some ideas about what I can do from home, I would greatly appreciate it! Love to you all. Stay safe and stay home!

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