14 Ways to Truly Stay Sane During Social Distancing

If you were thrown for a complete loop this week when the world pretty much shut down abruptly due to COVID-19, you're not alone.

While you may be yanking at your hair out of boredom, there are some really serious issues here (your next manicure will have to take a back seat). Many people are out of work, your grandparents are at major risk and there's absolutely no telling when everything will be even close to normal again.

All of that said, it's understandable if you're stressed, lonely or confused. Depending on your situation at home, it can be isolating or overwhelming. But there are ways around the madness, and we're here to help.

Keep reading for 14 ways to truly stay sane during social distancing.

1. Embrace the Fact That Everyone's on the Same Page

While everyone's job situation differs, in the grand scheme of things, every single person you know is affected by this pandemic similarly. You or someone you know probably has a birthday, wedding, Bat Mitzvah, vacation or other life experience that's either been canceled, postponed or brushed over due to the current events.

Everyone's encouraged to stay home and away from friends; everyone's affected by the shortage of toilet paper and (what used to be) simple common goods like eggs, almond milk and peanut butter; everyone's forced to take a break from their education; everyone's life is on hold. This whole situation forcefully humanizes people, and as awful as the whole thing is, it's pretty incredible to see the world relate to one another like literally never before. Seek some solace in knowing that even the girl who seemingly has it all is living just like you for the time being.

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2. Take Advantage of the Solitude

Sure, depending on how long these conditions last, we may go stir crazy—but for now, take a step back and enjoy the break. Use this as a time to recharge your energy. Our vibrations are lowered when we're overwhelmed with the intensity of classmates, schoolwork, sports and other extracurriculars, jobs, social life and everything else we're forced to tend to on a regular basis. Use this time to catch some extra Z's, get caught up on reading, reply to some emails you've been putting off and simply give your mind a few moments to rest. There's no FOMO to be had—time to focus on you.


3. Bank a Bunch of TikTok Videos (or Heck, Start an Account)

Chances are that you never find the right time (or videographer) to film your TikTok content. We bet you have endless ideas flowing, but with no means to put them to the camera. Now's your chance to take advantage of your parents' and siblings' spare time, and get to working. Long, short, it doesn't matter—have that content ready to roll out in the days to come.

4. Do a Massive Closet Dive (and Have Fun With It!)

Despite the rainy weather in much of the country, it is, in fact, spring starting this Friday (March 20). If you were to kick off the weekend with a little spring cleaning, you certainly wouldn't be off base. Even if you just declutter your closet, that's enough! Aside from putting aside clothes you don't like or don't fit you anymore, you can also drum up some forgotten pieces and turn them into fresh looks for when you finally get back to school. If you still need decluttering inspo, HERE's how we actually made it a lot of fun on a hot October's day last year.


5. Let Pinterest Determine Your Dinner

If you're anything like us, your fridge is stocked with some uncharacteristic items due to grocery store shortages. This is where the fun part comes into play. Not only are you limited, but you have a lot more time on your hands, making this the perfect opportunity to list a few ingredients in the Pinterest search bar and let it suggest some home-cooked meals for you based on what you're working with. As we've found, all you really need is an array of spices, a protein, some veggies and perhaps eggs, and you can pretty much do anything.

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6. Discover New Music

We receive a slew of music-related press releases each day, and while we love digging through them to uncover the latest gems, it's pretty time-consuming. We tend to put them off, but with a little (okay, a lot of) extra time on hands, we've finally plowed through not only the releases, but through our Spotify Release Radar and New Music Friday playlists. It's safe to say we feel up to date with the best releases over the last few months (as evidenced in the playlist below).


7. Explore Distance Reiki

Energy healing is imperative all year round—but now more than ever. Social distancing is bound to take a toll on our mental health and general well-being, with limited access to working out, eating healthy and seeking professional help.

That's where distance reiki comes into play. The process allows you to recharge your energy and open up chakras by a healing professional from a distance (we'll have more on that later this week). We experienced the process a few days ago, and find it to be a truly remarkable phenomenon. For more information, we recommend DM-ing Giselle Wasfie of Remix Lifestyle.


8. Take Advantage of Online Shopping Deals and Waived Shipping Fees

What's (almost) better than receiving a package on your doorstep? The excitement of ordering it online! We love internet shopping as much as the next person, and given the current circumstances, many huge brands are offering special deals and waived shipping fees because they know consumers are being forced to purchase everything virtually.

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9. Get Into a Work-From-Home Fitness Routine

The fitness industry is having a major moment right now (even more so than usual!). While people who hit the gym regularly are freaking out, studios and fitness brands are rising to the occasion, posting free, full-length classes online or offering free at-home workouts on apps that typically require membership fees. If you've never been into fitness, there's no better time than now to start. Some of the most popular brands are giving you a taste of their platform at no cost. Pure Barre, Bar Method and Tone It Up are a few places to start!


10. Dress to Impress

We're huge proponents of dressing up for work or school each day, but did you know that doing so is scientifically proven to help you make better decisions and improve your day (even if you're simply just sitting on your couch!)?

With the way of the world at the moment, we're not necessarily piling into leather jackets and crop tops as we ease into our day, but even when it comes to loungewear or athleisure, we're making sure we slip into the chicest of sets. If you need some inspo, we're huge fans of Familiar… Yet Different if you're looking for stylish, comfy looks at affordable costs. If you're on the hunt for an investment splurge, Ultracor teamed up with Christian Lacroix for one heck of an eye-catching collab.

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11. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

With everyone going stir crazy, you're bound to see some people on your IG feed post the unexpected. And rightfully so! If you've been itching to try something new, now's the time to test the waters (with hand sanitizer, of course!). Start baking, play with an art project, try new fashion or beauty trends or kick off a skincare routine. You won't have all this free time forever, so make the most of it.


12. Bring Some Light to Instagram

We've all seen what the depressingly empty shelves at the grocery store look like. And yes, we get that you've created a makeshift work-from-home desk. Why not post something a little more uplifting?

For example, today is St. Patrick's Day. As the ultimate makeup-lovers we are, we still intend to get all dolled up from home and put our best green-filled face forward. There's a lot you can post. You should still embrace good lighting and your OOTDs. There's no rule that says you can't post during the coronavirus. We have a feeling once your followers see you posting freely, they'll follow suit.

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13. Create Care Packages for Friends and Loved Ones

While in-person interaction is discouraged, you can still let your friends and distant loved ones know you're thinking of them in a major way. Throw on some gloves and assemble some goodies. Whether it's coffee pods, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, wrapped chocolate, you name it—piling some goodies into a box, along with a handwritten note, is sure to keep your loved ones in high spirits. Have it shipped to their address and await their excitement.


14. Text Your Crush

TBH, if there's one thing to capitalize on during this crisis, it's your crush's free time. For once, there's absolutely no excuse for them not to reply to a text from you. They're not at football practice, they're not out to dinner, they're not studying and they're not with their friends. While they may be bound to the confines of their video game console, they'll have to take a few breathers. If you've been eager to finally have a (digital) moment with the object of your affection, now's the time. "How's your hunt for toilet paper going?" may be a good icebreaker!


Speaking of texting your crush, HERE are even more things to message them when you're bored!