We can’t all be incredibly crafty and talented makeup artists like the ones we see in YouTube tutorials who attempt to teach our shaky hands to apply Disney princess and action hero makeup.

For the rest of us, the professionals have made it easy (thank you!). With makeup palettes designed in the colors that complement our favorite films, we can easily transform into Belle or Hermione Granger, to name a couple.

Scroll to browse our fave movie-to-makeup palettes below:

Wizardry and Witchcraft: $52

This palette by Storybook Cosmetics comes in both bold and neutral tones to give us some very real Harry Potter vibes. I’d like to fancy myself a “Sorcerer” and “Jinx” kind of girl.

Wizardry and Witchcraft inspired makeup palette front

Wizardry and Witchcraft inspired makeup palette

(via Storybook Cosmetics)


Pirates of the Caribbean: $52

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is easily one of our favorites. Who doesn’t enjoy a good pirate story? In our opinion, the design of this palette is just as beautiful as the eyeshadow colors.

Front of Pirates of the Caribbean inspired makeup palette

Pirates of the Caribbean inspired makeup palette

(via Lorac)


DreamWorks Trolls: $29

This is the eyeshadow palette of our wildest summer dreams. Whether or not you saw this animated flick you’ll love the way these colors make your eyes pop. Elle Woods may have once stated, “Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed,” but DJ Suki is my first-choice shadow in this Trolls-inspired mix.

DreamWorks Trolls inspired makeup palette

(via PUR)


Beauty and the Beast: $48

This palette captures a timeless look with neutral shades of brown and pink. Belle definitely goes for that more natural look that we’re expecting to see all over this season.

Front of Beauty and the Beast inspired makeup palette

Beauty and the Beast inspired makeup palette

(via Ulta)


Alice Through the Looking Glass: $60

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Alice’s adventures, it’s that not everything is as it seems. This palette gives off major Mad Tea Party vibes but it also contains tones to craft the perfect night-out look.

Alice Through the Looking Glass inspired makeup palette

(via Ulta)


Star Wars Lip-Savers: $8.85

If you haven’t nabbed yourself these Star Wars-inspired lipsticks, do so ASAP! This limited edition collab by CoverGirl is getting harder to find. Low key obsessed with the peach tone.

Star Wars by Covergirl inspired lipsticks

(via Amazon)


Harry Potter Collection: $20

GeekChic Cosmetics may know us better than anyone else. This brand crafted eyeshadow colors to help us become the HP supporting character we’ve always wished to be. Next stop the Hogwarts Express.

Harry Potter inspired makeup palette

(via Geek Chic Cosmetics)


Guardians of the Galaxy: $20

Get your Gamora on with this makeup palette by our girl, GeekChic. The names are almost as fun as the colors.

Guardians of the Galaxy inspired makeup palette

(via Geek Chic Cosmetics)


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