We're Basically Over Fidget Toys, But These Marvel Fidget Cubes Are Too Cute Not to Play With

While fidget toys may not have the social significance they once had, I still enjoy playing with them when I'm feeling a little nervous or stressed.

I can't spend more than a few minutes playing with fidget spinners, but I keep a pretty plain-looking fidget cube at my desk to tinker with while I'm thinking, and I really enjoy fretting with a Tangle toy when I feel like I need to do something with my hands.

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But when Zuru—the company behind fidget cubes and Tangle—offered to send me the new Marvel-themed fidget cubes, I couldn't resist. I blame baby Groot.


In terms of what's actually on the fidget cube, there aren't any surprises. Each one features six sides with a switch to flip "on" and "off," five little clickable buttons with varying resistance, a little knob that can be rotated in a circle and a side with a rolling silver ball, plus three gears you can turn. That leaves one flat side, as well as a side with the face, which satisfyingly turns 360° in both directions.

In terms of functionality, it's essentially identical to my other fidget cubes—though I do find spinning the heads of the characters more calming than the rotating dial found on other similar cubes. However, the recognizable Marvel character faces are a definite plus. I really enjoy my Groot, Drax, Star-Lord, Thor and Hulk cubes, but Rocket Raccoon, Spider-Man and Iron Man cubes are also available.


I'm still a fan of fidget cubes and the fact they help me let off a little steam from time to time, so I see myself continuing to play with them. Even when the fidget toy trend has fully passed, I won't be ashamed to have this baby Groot on my desk.


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