20 Questions With Meg DeAngelis, Star of One of YouTube's First Movies!

We know and love Megan DeAngelis (aka MayBaby) as the YouTuber we turn to when we need some beauty and fashion advice or a little DIY inspo, but now Meg is taking part in a new venture — acting! As the star of Dance Camp, one of YouTube Red's first movies, we chatted with Meg to find out what it was like being a part of the film. She even shared the one makeup product she could not live without and revealed probably the single most strangest thing that's in her bag right now.

Meg DeAngelis interview art

Sweety High: Tell us everything we need to know about Dance Camp.

Meg DeAngelis: It is about a boy, Hunter, who isn't too into dance. But he gets in some trouble and in order to fulfill community service guidelines, he ends up at a dance camp. My character's the opposite. She's only been dance, dance, dance her entire life. She doesn't have time for friends or a boyfriend or even fun and he's able to show her what the real world is like when you're not dancing.

SH: Can you tell us about your character, Cheyenne?

MD: I like to say that Cheyenne reminds me of cayenne, because she's spicy. It was fun to play her, because she's sarcastic and tough. She seems mean at first, but when you get to know her, she's nice. She just has issues opening up to people, because she doesn't like anything getting in the way of dance. It was fun getting to play her. And she has pink hair, so I got to have pink hair, which was amazing.

SH: What was it like to star in your first movie ever?

MD: It was really cool. It hasn't really sunk in yet, but I'm so happy to be a part of it.

SH: What shoes are you wearing right this second?


Meg DeAngelis wearing her Adidas shoes

SH: What's the ONE thing you have to stock up on when you go to the grocery store?

MD: Fruit. I am obsessed/addicted to almost every kind of fruit.

SH: Which brand of gum do you chew?

MD: Project 7 Birthday Cake gum!?

SH: What's the one article of clothing you couldn't live without?

MD: I don't know, but I do know the one I COULD live without. I really don't like pants. I wish they weren't a thing.

SH: Which character from Pretty Little Liars are you?

MD: I'd probably be Hanna. I LOVE to shop.

SH: Can you show us what's on your nails at this very moment?


Megan DeAngelis's nail art

SH: Which movie have you seen more than 20 times?

MD: Definitely the 6th Harry Potter movie, mostly because I took the best care of that DVD. It's a good one, because even though it's dark and *SPOILER ALERT* Dumbledore dies, there are some feel good moments.

SH: Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into?

MD: I've taken multiple tests and quizzes, even on Pottermore, but the original quiz I took was on harrypotter.com. It always said Gryffindor.

SH: What do you always order at Starbucks?

MD: I get the Fizzio Lime Refresher.

SH: What's your go to emoji?

MD: ?

SH: Which emoji do you wish existed?

MD: I really needed a mango one the other day. I was trying to talk about how much I love mango juice on Twitter and there was no mango emoji.

SH: What's the one thing you can draw really well?


megan deangelis sun s'cute

SH: What's your weirdest phobia?

MD: Bees! I'll cry sometimes if there's a bee around, or run into the street.

SH: Which makeup product could you not live without?

MD: Eyeliner. I use a Stila pen and I think it's the non-waterproof black liquid liner.

SH: Which song do you always sing anytime you do karaoke?

MD: "American Pie." It's always on every karaoke machine.

SH: What's the last song you had stuck in your head?

MD: "Make Me Like You" by Gwen Stefani. I was actually in the live music video and there wasn't a moment in the 12 hours we were there everyday that it wasn't playing.

SH: What's the weirdest thing in your bag?


Meg DeAngelis holding a Cotton Candy flavored Baby Pottle Pop


If you've gotten this far without seeing the Dance Camp trailer, you HAVE to watch it right this second! You can also subscribe to YouTube Red and see the full movie here!

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