Megan Nicole visited Sweety High headquarters to appear in our latest Sweety Spotlight!

Megan Nicole Interview

In this video, Megan Nicole talks about how she got her start and her rise to fame. Did you know that Diddy loved her singing so much her flew her out to Miami meet him? Watch the video to learn even more!

“My dad was the one who really encouraged me to post my first cover video,” Megan said in the interview. “He saw some people doing the cover thing and he was like ‘You know, you should give it a try.'”

Since she posted her first single in December of 2009, her covers have gone viral and she’s gained more than 1.8 million YouTube subscribers. Her latest song is an original, called Summer Forever!

Currently she’s working on her debut album!  We can’t wait to hear the rest.

Check out the video to find out even more about Megan Nicole!

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