Every Short Girl Will Relate to These Hilarious Memes

"How's the weather down there?"

Ah, the creativity. It's just another day in the life of a short girl. While there's definitely perks to being petite and cute, having a tiny stature also comes with some struggles, amirite? Getting something off the top shelf can feel like you're trying to pull off a stun Mission Impossible stunt, and you're probably used to becoming a human armrest at this point.


(I Love You Beth Cooper via 1492 Pictures)

Of course, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, so it's up to you to embrace your unique look to the fullest. Make the best of it and enjoy some laughs with these hilariously relatable memes!

This is totally the first time I've heard that:


Getting in arguments can be a losing game:


It's hard to keep up with your girl squad:


When going in the deep end is a real struggle:

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Climbing on the counter becomes a form of exercise:


The pain of running into a table is oh-so-real:


When you realize the choice has already been made:


When you come to terms with always wearing sunglasses in the car:


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