These Pre-Event Rituals Will Make Your School Dances Even More Memorable

School dances are undoubtedly some of the biggest events of high school, and you'll want to make each one a day one to remember.

That doesn't just mean a memorable dance. All of the little moments leading up to arriving at the venue can be just as significant. If you need a little help adding that sparkle the day, these pre-dance rituals will make it exceptional.

Hair and Makeup With the Girls

Why put your look on solo when you can turn it into an unforgettable group event? The fun can start way before dance festivities begin if you plan to get ready together. Pool your resources to bring together all of the products you need at the home of whoever has the most spacious bathrooms, or book a salon session together as a group. Getting your hair, makeup and mani-pedi done together is an awesome bonding experience that will bring your dance squad even closer.


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The Photo Shoot

Once you're dressed and all dolled up, your entire group should get together somewhere to shoot the breeze and get out those pre-dance jitters—and it should probably be someplace photogenic. While everyone will probably be shooting casual pics of the entire event, you'll also want to take some posed photos to really capture the experience. Whether you're having a professional photographer snap your images or just the parent with the most recent iPhone, these photos will help you relive the day long after it's passed.

The Dinner

You don't want to burn out at the dance, so a tasty dinner beforehand is a mustOf course, it should also serve the purpose of being a meal you'll always cherish. Fortunately, you have plenty of options. Do you want the dinner to be at a high-end restaurant, a hilariously tacky casual chain restaurant, or to just grab fast food for ease? These all offer vastly different experiences, but each one can be just as memorable and unique. Make it a special one. And while you probably don't want to eat a super heavy meal and feel too full in your dress or on the dance floor, it'your big dance, so if you're feeling super hungry, you do you!  Just have fun—and drink plenty of water, because you will be sweating it all out on the dance floor


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Create Your Own Tradition

It's your dance, so before you head out, do something that's going to make you glow from the inside out. School dances tend to be pretty traditional, and if that's not your idea of fun, do what you do love ahead of the dance so you go into it with a smile on your face. Maybe that means playing a ridiculous card game with everyone, or participating in a Mario Kart tournament, or reading everyone's tarot cards for the night before you go out. Make it personal and all about what your group of friends loves to do, and you might find that time together to be even more significant in your life than the dance itself.


The Limo

It's not every day that you get to ride in a stretch limo, so choosing one as your mode of transportation to the dance will certainly make for an evening to remember. It'all about the movie star treatment.  Of course, limos can be expensive, so invite a big group and split the cost, or recreate the experience with help from the group parent with the nicest, roomiest car. Either way, make sure it's well-stocked with your favorite chilled sodas and fancy fluted glasses, and you'll step into the dance feeling like a pop diva.


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