How to Style Menswear as Womenswear

If you're starting to feel like you're in a style stalemate and you're seeing the same, tired trends all over TikTok, you may be on the lookout for something really fresh.

It may be time to try something completely different—and we mean perusing through the mens' section (or your dad's/boyfriend's closet) to find the coolest and most unusual pieces to add to your own wardrobe. Curious about how to wear menswear as womenswear? We have some ideas:

Go Formal

First off, adopting menswear into your outfits isn't just for street styles. Check out Elle Fanning's stunning SAG Awards outfit, consisting of a Gucci waistcoat and trousers. We think this look deserves way more love and attention than it got—and that it won't be long before everyone else jumps on the train. It was subdued and modest, yet impactful, demonstrating that bowties and vests definitely aren't just for working men.


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Dressy Ties

Blame Avril Lavigne's big comeback, but dress ties have become the new "it" accessory and are popping up all over TikTok. Just add a tie to any outfit to spruce it up and add a new element of versatility to your look. Whether you have a tie collection of your own or "borrow" them from a relative's closet, you can throw them over a collared shirt or even your favorite graphic tee for a super cute look.

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Trousers and Collars

We're plenty used to seeing men walking down the street in collared shirts and trousers, but that doesn't mean we have to stick to the norms—or that the looks can't be equally cute on ladies. And if business attire isn't really your thing for everyday occasions, it can easily be spiced up with slimming fits, or fun patterns and colors, to put together a whole new look. And don't forget the feminine accessories to make it suit your unique style.


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Hunting Camo Prints

While busy camouflage prints definitely aren't for everyone, Insta influencer Emili Sindlev makes them look so goodPatterns like these are typically used by hunters to blend in with the wilderness, and they're much more unusual than standard camo. We think they're about to make quite a fashion statement. Are you daring enough to try them out?


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