If Merida Is Your Fave Disney Princess, You'll Want These Items

Choosing a fave Disney princess is a tough decision. But if you're brave enough to single out Merida, you've come to the right place.

We've found the cutest Merida-inspired items for all of you who love this curly-haired princess like no other.

Scroll below to check them out!

Brave-Inspired Earrings: $7.50

Merida may be your fave princess, but if you're a fan of her brothers-turned-bears, this pair of earrings is right up your alley.

Brave-inspired earrings

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Merida-Inspired Bracelet: $15

The great thing about this bracelet is that it will go perfectly with any outfit you wear, which means you can sport it 24/7 365.

Merida-inspired bracelet from Etsy

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Merida-Inspired Watercolor Print: $9.90

Hang this bad boy up in your room to remind you that your fate is in your hands.

Merida-inspired watercolor print from Etsy

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Merida-Inspired Hair Bow: $7.99

You know your luscious locks would look that much more amazing with this accessory clipped in 'em.

Merida-inspired hair bow from Etsy

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Merida-Inspired Velvet Choker: $6.43

Chokers are an accessory you can't have enough of, so you know you need this one inspired by your fave princess.

Green velvet choker with an arrow charm attached to the front of it

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Merida-Inspired Minnie Mouse Ears: $24.99

Have you ever seen a more perfect pair of Minnie Mouse ears? The fact that they mimic Merida's gorgeous red mane with flowers is unreal.

Merida-inspired Minnie Mouse ears

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Merida-Inspired Candle: $7.50

If you were wondering what your fave princess smelled like, according to the candle it's a blooming field of flowers with Scottish heather.

Merida-inspired candle from Etsy

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Merida-Inspired Hair Ties: $6.50

Keep your hair out of your face in the best way possible thanks to these hair ties.

Merida-inspired hair ties from Etsy

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Merida Bookmark: $4.15

Hand-painted, this bookmark is seriously stunning. You'll be using it all the time.

Merida bookmark

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Personalized Tsum Tsum Merida Tote Bag: $10

The only thing cuter than a Disney princess is a Tsum Tsum Disney princess. Keep your belongings safe in this adorable tote that you can also personalize with your name, btw.

Personalized Tsum Tsum Merida tote bag

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Merida Makeup Bag: $12.91

You know your makeup will be protected with Merida on your side.

Merida makeup bag

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Personalized Polymer Clay Merida Keychain: $19.40

Well isn't that handmade key chain the cutest thing you ever did see?

Polymer clay Merida keychain

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Merida-Inspired Necklace: $19

Yes, yes you are.

I am brave necklace from Etsy

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If you also happen to love Princess Tiana, THESE items will definitely tickle your fancy.