A Mermaid Subscription Box Exists—Here's Everything You Need to Know

Attention all mermaids! We just found the subscription box of your dreams.

Allow us to introduce you to the mystical and magical MerLady Box—a monthly subscription box that delivers mermaid-inspired lifestyle, beauty, bath and fashion items right to your door.

Curious if this box is all it's cracked up to be, I got my hands on one. Keep scrolling to see my version's contents and whether or not I think it's worth purchasing!

As promised, my box came filled to the brim with plenty of adorable mermaid-themed items.

Here's everything it contained:

  • Two mermaid notebooks
  • A custom Ocean Girl sticker
  • A "Trust me, I'm a mermaid" pencil set
  • A mermaid anchor pin
  • A sailor greeting card

Mermaid-inspired items featured in MerLady subscription box

(Look at this stuff! Isn't it neat?)

Is that not the cutest collection of mermaid items you've ever seen?! I definitely fell in love with these various trinkets the minute I opened the box.

Two items did stand out above the rest, at least in my eyes. They were the mermaid lapel pin and the "Trust me, I'm a mermaid" pencils.

Mermaid lapel pin and Trust me, I'm a mermaid pencils

(As if you needed more proof I'm a mermaid…)

The second I spotted the lapel pin in the box, I immediately ripped it off its packaging and fastened it on my leather jacket where it will rest for years to come.

I don't really use pencils all that often anymore, but when I saw this set, I made it a mission to start using 'em. Rather than using a generic ball point pen to write down any sort of note, I've been utilizing these bad boys instead.

Not only did I purchase a MerLady box, I also treated myself to the Mermaid Slouch Sweatshirt ($30) the company has in their store.

You can bet I'll be rocking this sweatshirt once it starts getting a bit chilly or even when I have a much-needed beach day.

Girl wearing black sweatshirt with two gold seashells on the front of it

(She wears seashells by the sea shore)

Obviously, I'd recommend this box to any fellow mermaid or mermaid enthusiast out there!

It's stuffed with so many fun and unique thingamabobs, so you'll never run low on mermaid-inspired products ever.

If you want to subscribe to this box, check out their four different pricing plans HERE. And if you want to pick up your very own mermaid sweatshirt, use the code MERLADYLOCKE at checkout to get 10% off your order. You know you need one!


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