Being a mermaid is generally on the top of every girl’s list of dreams.

Whether it was in the pool, ocean, bath or literally any body of water, I can guarantee you’ve squeezed your legs together to swim like a mermaid. I know I have, and still do on occasion.

You can only imagine how stoked I was when I discovered that being a mermaid—tail and all—is totally achievable, thanks to the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, California.

Every Friday and Saturday morning at 8 a.m., the hotel hosts a Mermaid Fitness class in their Beach Village pool.

You freaking bet I reserved my spot faster than Ariel signed over her voice to Ursula when I stumbled upon the aerobics course.

After an agonizing month-long wait, my time to workout like a mermaid had finally come. I don’t think I’ve ever been so hyped on exercising in my entire life.

I was up at 4:30 a.m.—after going to bed at 1 a.m.—to make the two hour-long drive down to SD. When it comes to being a mermaid, who needs sleep?

Once everyone arrived and signed in, we headed on down to the pool to pick out our tails. Given the options of blue, pink and green, I chose green, because it seemed like the most realistic color for a tail and I just really wanted to make Ariel proud.

Mermaid tails hanging upside down on a rack

(You can tell a lot about a mermaid by her tail)

When everyone finished shimmying into their tails, the 45-minute workout began.

To feel more comfortable in what we were wearing, we kicked off the class by swimming around the pool as a mermaid would.

Not to brag, but I was pretty stellar at swimming like a mermaid. I mean I did have years of practice.

Girl wearing a mermaid tail swimming in a pool

(Hello, I am a mermaid)

Then the workout took a more vigorous turn when we did some arm workouts using a pool noodle. Oh man, my arms are still sore.

And things got even more intense when we did some strenuous rounds of ab workouts. Though I was tired, I powered through. If a mermaid could withstand this agonizing workout, so could I.

Before I knew it, I completed the exhausting workout and enjoyed a period of free swim with my fellow mermaids.

Our instructor even made sure to carve out ample time at the end of the workout for us to all get some Insta-worthy pics.

Girl wearing a green mermaid tail posing by the pool

(I’m like actually the cutest)

The instructor snapped plenty of photos of everyone, but then it was time to trade my tail in for legs—whomp, whomp.

I seriously had the best time living like a mermaid. The class was fun and invigorating, but I do wish it was a bit longer. Well, not the workout part, but the swimming around the pool in a mermaid tail portion.

If you want to experience what it’s like to workout like a mermaid, you can sign up for a class HERE. You know you want to!


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