11 Mermaid-Inspired Bikinis to Rock All Summer Long

You may have believed there were no important summer holidays after the 4th of July, but you'd be wrong.

Today, July 5, just so happens to be National Bikini Day. We thought we'd celebrate this made-for-summer festivity by rounding up 11 mermaid-inspired bikinis perfect to sport to the beach all summer.

Scroll below to check them out.????

Hand-Painted Sea Foam Green Bikini: $50

This two-piece swimsuit lets you feel like a mermaid without actually having to rock seashells or scales.

Hand-painted sea foam green mermaid bikini from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Purple Seashell Bikini: $38 (Top) + $38 (Bottoms)

If you really want to exude mermaid vibes, this seashell bikini is right up your alley.

Purple seashell bikini from Margarita Mermaid

(via Margarita Mermaid)


Ariel-Inspired Bikini: $20 (Top) + $20 (Bottoms)

You can't go wrong with an Ariel-inspired bikini, especially with how adorable this one is.

Ariel-inspired bikini from Hot Topic

(via Hot Topic)


Green Scale Mermaid Bikini: $86

The ocean's fish won't have anything on you when you splash around in the water wearing this glimmering two-piece.

Green scale mermaid bikini from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Red Mermaid Bikini: $39.95

Looking for a more unique mermaid bikini? We guarantee no one else will be sporting this sultry red number to the beach. Get it while it's hot!

Red mermaid bikini from Spoiled Rotten

(via Spoiled Rotten)


"Merbabe" Bikini: $60 (Top) + $50 (Bottoms)

Keep things casual with this bikini. You can even mix and match the top and bottom colors for a stronger mermaid look.

Merbabe bikini in green and purple from Salty Mermaid

(via Salty Mermaid)


Pastel Mermaid Bikini: $22.42 (Top) + $22.42 (Bottoms)

Soft and sweet, this pastel two-piece looks great on every skin tone.

Pastel mermaid bikini from Hot Topic

(via Hot Topic)


Black Seashell Bikini: $45 (Top) + $19 (Bottoms)

Who says mermaids like bright colors? Not us. If you're all about the dark colors, this bikini was made for you.

Black Seashell bikini from Margarita Mermaid

(via Margarita Mermaid)


Gold Scale Mermaid Bikini: $56

Really want to make a splash? Opt for this flashy ensemble.

Gold scale mermaid bikini from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Purple Ombre Mermaid Bikini: $35

How could you not want to wear this beauty all summer long? Just look at it!

Purple ombre mermaid bikini from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Seashell Embellished Mermaid Bikini: $13

You'll look pretty in pink sitting by the sea in this simple yet chic two-piece.

Seashell embellished pink mermaid bikini from SheIn

(via SheIn)


Want to look like a mermaid even when you aren't wearing a swimsuit? Of course you do. HERE's how to subtly exude mermaid vibes all summer long.