Why eat regular Goldfish crackers when you can eat ones that are shaped like Mickey Mouse?

In honor of Mickey’s 90th birthday this November, Pepperidge Farm has released a special-edition version of the popular snack food that contains a mixture of regular orange goldfish as well as red crackers in the shape of Mickey’s head.

Per a press release, these crackers, which will be available for a limited time, come in the original cheddar flavor. However, while the Mickey-shaped crackers apparently taste somewhat like regular Goldfish, their red color comes from beet juice and paprika extract, leading some consumers to say they actually taste a touch different.

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The crackers made in honor of Disney’s most famous animated character come in one of three distinct packages. One bag shows a close-up of Mickey smiling with an array of multi-colored Mickey icons behind him, while another shows a full-bodied Mickey playfully winking as various phrases about him line the background. The third bag, shows the gleeful mouse with colorful music notes behind him.

So where exactly can you get this snack that’s practically too cute to eat?Pepperidge Farm states that the crackers can be purchased at Target stores nationwide from Oct. 1, 2018 to Oct. 1, 2019.

A visit to the Target website confirms the crackers are for sale, and provides a bit of additional info on what consumers can expect. “Celebrate Mickey Mouse, the true original, with a special edition Disney mix of Goldfish and red Mickey Mouse shaped crackers,” the product description states.


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