Mila Nabours Breaks Down Every Track on Her New Vision EP

15 year-old actress, dancer and singer Mila Nabours is a creative force in every aspect of her life, and her new Vision EP, out today, shows just how powerful she is as a musician.

The EP's three tracks, all co-written by Mila, tell a coming-of-age tale through soulful vocals backed by dreamy and ethereal sounds, complete with danceable beats and a retro '80s vibe that'll have you listening again and again. Want to find out how the EP, and its tracks, came to be? Mila broke down each one with us below.

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(Image courtesy of Mila Nabours)


Mila Nabours: For each of my songs, I first receive the track from my producer Andrew Lane, and then Mimi Tomar, my co-songwriter, and I start brainstorming melody and lyric ideas. We listen to the track and feel out what kind of theme the track portrays. From there I start writing lyrics that come to mind when I listen to the track, and from there, ideas start flowing! In minutes, we've come up with melodic phrases as well as lyrical phrases!

Every step I take in discovering who I am is a step away from creating a clear vision on how I perceive, see, as well as feel, about myself. All in all, the word "vision" represents a new way I am exploring myself and transforming into the person that I want to be.

Mila Nabours Vision EP

(Image courtesy of Mila Nabours)


1. 'Hypnosis'

MN: This song brings me a very euphoric feeling and is special to me because of the different state of mind I'm brought into when I listen to it. I wrote this song in an exploratory mindset and it's ultimately about escaping to a different part of myself.

Favorite lyric: "My universe notion is coded in euphoric eyes." This phrase really recaps the entire song and is meaningful to me because it resembles this alternate universe of my mind that I'm discovering.


2. 'New Moon'

MN: This song is powerful to me because it resembles pushing away my shadow and really embracing the full version of myself. It also contains Spanish lyrics and I love this aspect of the song.

Favorite lyric: "Feeling partially crescent, almost fluorescent tonight." This phrase uses a crescent moon as a metaphor to represent the half-complete version of myself. In this phrase, I am expressing how I feel almost complete but not quite, and this message really relates with me.


3. 'Catch Me'

MN: This was the last song of the EP that I wrote, and this song makes me feel free. I wrote it about breaking boundaries and letting go. Its melody really sticks with me and it's one of my favorite songs I've written.

Favorite lyric: "Dance till you die, die if you don't dance till two."
This was a phrase that brought a "whoa" factor when I wrote it. I came up with it and immediately knew it was my favorite line, just because of how intricate it sounded!


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