The Most Valuable Life Lessons We Learned From Miranda Sings

Of all the YouTubers we've come across in our lives, there's no one greater than Miranda Sings.

She makes us laugh until we cry, cry until we laugh and continually inspires us to follow our dreams as she achieved hers.

We've learned a ton of valuable life lessons from watching this multi-faceted performer over the years. Keep scrolling to find out what they are.

Never Limit Your Dreams

Miranda isn't just a YouTuber. She's a singer, dancer, actress, model, magician and so much more. She pursues every career she can, because why would someone this talented limit themselves to only being one thing?


Share Your Talents With the World

Everyone in the world knows how gifted Miranda is. Why? Because she isn't afraid to share her talents with the world. We were terrified thinking about the judgment we'd receive from our peers, but we've learned to be confident, like Miranda, and lay it all out there.


Make Your Presence Known

Whenever she walks into a room, all eyes immediately turn to Miranda. She knows how to make an entrance. If attention is what she seeks, she will get it.


Be Vocal About Your Opinions

Miranda has no problem speaking her mind. Whether she does or doesn't like something, she's vocal about it. Since watching her videos, we've learned to speak up more, too.


Don't Listen to the Haters

One of the best life lessons Miranda has taught us is that the haters don't matter. There are always going to be people who don't like us, but we know not to bother with them. Haters, back off!


Know Your Worth

As we mentioned before, Miranda has helped bolster our confidence by being secure in herself. She knows who she is, what she wants and (most importantly) what she deserves. She will not tolerate anything less.


Always Support Your Friends

Being so popular, Miranda has a ton of incredible friends who she always supports, through thick and thin. She gives them vocal lessons, helps them with their YouTube videos and blesses them with her presence. We all need to be the great friend that Miranda is.


Boyfriends Come and Go

Miranda has had plenty of boyfriends over the years. Sometimes more than one at once. Not all of them stay, but she doesn't get too hung up on them. Sure, she gets upset, but she knows that there'll be another guy longing for her affection around the corner. There are always other fish in the sea.


Sweatpants Are Your Best Friend

Sweatpants are the way to go, and we've since learned to incorporate them into our everyday wear thanks to Miranda. Sweatpants all day, every day.


A Little Red Lipstick Goes a Long Way

Red lipstick looks great on everyone, but no one pulls it off better than Miranda. Still, she's inspired us to rock the lip color more often than we ever have before.


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