Everything You Need to Know About Girl Group Mischief

Boy, do we have a catchy new pop music alert for you. ????

Mischief, our new fave pop band, is taking the words "girl gang" to a whole new level with their debut EP Oblivion.

Read on below to learn all about members Eesha, Chevonne and Rachael!


(Photo Credit: AJ Moller)

Names: Eesha Hunjon, Chevonne Nel and Rachael Lara Steel

Hometowns: Sydney, Australia (Eesha); Edenvale, South Africa (Chevonne); Melbourne, Victoria (Rachael)

Birthdays: Nov. 23 (Eesha); April 23 (Chevonne); March 8 (Rachael)

Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius (Eesha); Taurus (Chevonne); Pisces (Rachael)

Fun Facts:

1. They love music more than anything else. Eesha could watch Moana on repeat just for the soundtrack. "I could jam to it all day, every day," she tells Sweety High.

2. Rachael's latest binge was Stranger Things, while Eesha's was Suits. She says, "The show makes me feel like I, too, could be an empowered and powerful lawyer, regardless of the fact that I know nothing about the law!"

3. Each of the girls are cool, confident and totally themselves. They love and draw inspiration from Rihanna because, duh. "That woman can make even a curtain look high fashion," Chevonne says. "She is so unapologetically herself."

4. Rachael loves Natalie Portman, so naturally she would want her to be the star of Rachael's biography.

5. Chevonne and Eesha would love to live in the '80s if they could. "I can imagine it being the most hilarious time to be alive, as everything was so extreme," Chevonne explains. "Everything was just brighter and more colorful."

6. They're obviously fans of inspirational sayings and wise words, but Rachael's fave expression is, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get," from the movie Forrest Gump.

7. Eesha has a serious obsession with chocolate-covered strawberries. "I pretend they're healthy because I'm still consuming a fruit," she admits.

8. Chevonne has a secret knack for painting.


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