Easy Ways to Combat That Case of the Monday Blues

Mondays … Need I say more?

Even when coming off of a magical weekend, we still tend to experience that pesky case of the Monday blues, and it's totally the worst.

But with a smidge of effort, you can take those seemingly guaranteed post-Sunday frowns, and turn 'em upside down.

Follow the tips below and get ready to kiss that start-of-week sadness to the curb.

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1. Have a Low-Key Sunday

It goes without saying, but getting a good night's rest on any given occasion definitely sets the tone for a more positive, energetic day. Sundays are tricky because they are still technically the weekend, so it's easy to plan a movie night or stay up late refreshing your social media feeds, even though it's also technically a school night. To ensure at least eight hours of sleep, die down your day on the early side. Pack all the excitement into the beginning of your day and then cap off the activity with a relaxing bath or shower that will ensure a cozy sleep, and maybe crack open a book or throw on some mellow tunes in the background as you nod off. Starting off the week feeling well-rested is rule No. 1 for assuring you're in the best mindset for your Monday.

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2. Put Yourself Together

If you follow rule No. 1 and get the good night's sleep you need, then you should have adequate energy to put on a little makeup and do your hair Monday AM before school. Topped off with one of your fave outfits and this day is yours! Avoid being lazy—the extra Zzzs you sacrifice will be a major game-changer to your day. Looking your best = feeling your best. Monday does not mess with a confident young lady.

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3. Do Something Productive

When we're feeling down, it's easy to mope and do the bare minimum of our responsibilities for the day. Taking care of even one non-obligatory task is an instant way to up your happiness factor on a Monday. Whether it's getting an early start or finish on a future project, cleaning your room or tackling a workout, getting something done that you didn't necessarily need to do provides instant gratification (and it also helps take your mind off of feeling down in the dumps).

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4. Give Yourself Something to Look Forward to at the End of the Day

What's stopping you from turning the most dreaded day of the week into a Monday funday? Give yourself something exciting to anticipate when that final bell rings, and you'll be able to plough through class like a pro. Whether it's hitting the mall for a new pair of shoes, grabbing a bite with a bestie or setting aside chill time with your S.O., you can totally up your Monday game by having something to look forward to after class.

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An additional way to kick up your Monday a notch is to practice gratitude. You can do so by focusing on THESE amazing blessings we tend to overlook.