Moon Pod Is Legitimately the Comfiest Seat I've Ever Sat in—Here's Why

For the amount of time I spend sitting in chairs daily, I don't think nearly enough about the seats I sit in.

Between the office chair at my desk, the driver's seat of my car and my couch at home, that is a lot of time on my behind, and none of those activities are completely optimized for comfort. So when I heard about Moon Pod, the "zero-gravity beanbag chair," I couldn't help but be curious. Not only are the chairs supposed to be extremely comfortable, but the company also claims they can help fight stress and anxiety.

I knew I had to test these claims for myself, so I reached out to the company, which was kind enough to send me a Moon Pod to try for myself. Here's what I discovered next.

The Product

The Moon Pod website calls it a "zero-gravity float chair for stress and anxiety." Rather than levitating, Moon Pod is packed with high-friction expanded polystyrene beans in order to provide its users with firm yet comfortable support, no matter what position the chair is used in. It's designed to create a similar effect to Flotation Therapy in order to soothe the body and mind.

Moon Pod also takes up less space than your average bean bag. Because of its unique structure, it can be stood up on its side when not in use, taking up only four square feet of the ground. At rest, it measures at 50-56 inches x 20-24 inches x 20-24 inches, but it conforms to the body when in use. It's also a versatile seat that can be sat on, reclined in, or laid upon. It also weighs just 12 pounds, making it easy to move about the house.

Moon Pod usually retails for $399, but you can get $100 off today in the Moon Pod shop.

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The Experience

My Moon Pod arrived at the office in a massive box, and as tempted as I was to lounge in it right away, I had to get the protective cover on it, first. I'm not a tall or strong person, so I needed the help of a coworker to wrangle the Moon Pod into its stretchy outer shell.  Once we did, it was all rest and relaxation from there.

One of the first things I noticed was that Moon Pod was a lot lighter than it looked. Because of its dense texture, I assumed it would be heavy and cumbersome to move around, but later I discovered it was easy to grab and place it in different corners of the office, depending on where I wanted to work that day.

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Before sitting in it for the first time, I thought I had a good idea of what it would feel like. After all, I've sat in plenty of bean bag chairs in my time. I was wrong, and it only took moments for me to be completely sold on Moon Pod. The chair yielded to my weight in all the right places and stayed firm where it needed to, making the seat comfortable yet supportive. When I sat in it, it forced my back into an ergonomically correct position, making my posture a lot better than it typically is when I sit at my desk.

Moon Pod made for a surprisingly efficient workspace with a laptop. The proximity to the ground meant my legs were slightly raised, elevating the screen to be in a comfortable place for viewing, and the keyboard to be at just the right height for typing. The chair made me sit up straight, so I wasn't slouching or straining.

But best of all, Moon Pod really did help me feel relaxed in a way I don't think I can adequately express through words. Maybe it's that the cushy, yet supportive, feeling of it was like a warm hug, but when I wasn't sitting in it, I missed it.

When my coworkers saw me in the chair, it piqued their curiosity as well. A couple of them even spent their own time working with laptops from the Moon Pod, and they seemed to love it just as much as I did.

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For the time I kept it in the office, I would sit in it for as long as my laptop could hold a charge every day. After I finally took it home, we literally rearranged my small living room to accommodate the Moon Pod as our new favorite seat in the house.

While I'd mostly used the Moon Pod in an upright sitting position at work, at home, I also found the lounging position ideal for watching TV, playing video games and reading. I simply had to get up and angle my body slightly different as I sat to adjust the chair completely.  While I haven't yet had the pleasure of napping on my Moon Pod, I can't imagine it'd be anything but wonderful.

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I also appreciate that, even after all the sitting various people have been doing on the Moon Pod, it hasn't morphed into a squishy and formless mass. When it's not in use, it stands completely upright so it doesn't crowd the space until we need it.

Moon Pod is legitimately my new favorite chair, but if I had to say one thing I don't love about it, it's that it can get a little warm if you've been sitting in it for a while. If you live where it's chilly, you might actually see this as a benefit, but living in sunny, hot Los Angeles, there are times when I'd rather it would keep its cool.


Bottom Line

At first glance, Moon Pod might seem like any other bean bag chair you've seen, but it's actually something completely different. It's comfy, supportive and bizarrely relaxing, and if you've been looking for a unique new seating space to add to your home, it might be exactly what you need. Of course, the $299 price tag won't be suitable for every buyer, but if it's in your price range, I think you're going to fall hard for it, too.


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