The 6 Most Annoying Types of Texters

Texting is an easy, convenient form of communication—yet some people just don't seem to get it.

You'd think after more than two decades of popularity, everyone would have this nailed, but, unfortunately, that's not the case.

Chances are, your eyes roll when you see certain names pop up in your text messages. If you've already started thinking about it, keep reading for the six most annoying types of texters.

1. The Ultimatum Texter

Do you know the texter who expects you to reply immediately? Even if you are a quick texter, some people seemingly don't realize that there are moments when you're working out, accidentally left your phone at home, or—wait for it—sleeping! If you don't reply within five minutes, you receive an ultimatum text: "If I don't hear from you right now, I'll take that as a no," or "Guess you don't want to come with me." A day without a reply is definitely a valid excuse for an ultimatum text; a few minutes, not so much.

pretty little liars - aria staring at her phone

(Pretty Little Liars via Freeform)


2. The Texter Who Always Seems Mad

Do you know someone who's super sweet in person, but suddenly has a solemn tone once you take things to text? Like, why can't you use an occasional exclamation mark or explain something with more than five words? Even though you know this is just a person's texting tone and it means absolutely nothing, you still find yourself always thinking they're mad.


3. The Texter Who Sends Multiple Paragraphs at Once

Unlike the "mad" texter of very few words, the texter of many, many words loves to send paragraphs. If it'that big of a deal, just call—geezNothing is worse than being in the middle of something and looking over to find five huge paragraphs (usually regarding nothing that important, TBH).

Riverdale: Betty laying in bed texting

(Riverdale via The CW)


4. The Texter Who Initially Replies Immediately, and Then Takes Hours for the Follow Up

If you know you're going to be busy for a while, just wait to respond. There's no point in replying immediately and getting us excited about potential convo, only to send the follow-up text hours from then.


5. The Texter Who Won't Let the Convo Die

We totally get a "thanks" or "you, too," to conclude a conversation, but is it absolutely necessary to end everything with an emoji or a "yay" once the chat seems to have ended? It's okay for a convo to die. It doesn't mean a new one can't ignite later on.

Gilmore Girls: Rory staring at her phone

(Gilmore Girls via The CW)


6. The Texter Who's Apparently Bored 24/7

Oh, gosh, the "Happy Monday" or "how's your day goin'?" texter. Like, don't you have anything at all to do? Don't get us wrong—our crush can text us "Happy Monday" any day of the week and we will gladly take it! But, with anyone else, it's just a waste of time. At least have some small tidbit to share. Our reply isn't going to be anything riveting, so what's the point?


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