4 Movie Couples Who Should NOT Have Ended Up Together

I'all about a good movie romance.

In fact, there's nothing I love more than a fantastic rom-com where everything ends in an idyllic happily ever after.

However, I also have a cynical side, and I'm not above calling out some iconic movie couples whose fictional love affair is less than perfect.

Wondering who I might be talking about? Keep scrolling for four movie couples who should not have ended up together.

1. Sandy and Danny (Grease) 

I waited quite a while before I actually watched Grease, and when I did, I immediately hated the entire storyline. Basically, Danny spends the entire movie being a total jerk to Sandy, lying about the state of their relationship during the summer and making her feel bad about her personality and demeanor. But instead of Sandy realizing that she's way better than him and walking away, she kept following him around and wondering how she could win him over.

Then she proceeds to change everything about herself in order to fit into his life, despite the fact that he's put almost no effort into building a functional relationship. Plus, there's no way that black leather ensemble is even remotely comfortable, and that hair is not going to last through the summer heat. Be better than this nonsense, Sandy.

Grease: Sandy and Danny dancing during the last scene

(Grease via Paramount Pictures)


2. Bella and Edward (Twilight) 

Bella and Edward are the ultimate modern day twist on Romeo and Juliet, and I hate every second of it. Sure, their romance is compelling at first, but eventually their mutual moodiness and disinterest in the world becomes highly irritating. Edward is controlling, jealous and manipulative and he does quite a few questionable things over the course of their relationship.

Bella gets so wrapped up in her love for Edward that she forgets to care about basically anything else except ending up with him, which usually results in her putting herself in harm's way. Beyond that, if I have to literally die and become a member of a mythical group in order to be with you, it's probably going to be a hard no from me.

Twilight: Bella and Edward in the forest

(Twilight via Summit Entertainment)


3. Ron and Hermione (Harry Potter) 

I'm a Harry Potter fan through and through, but I just can'get on board with Ron and Hermione. Supposedly their relationship works because they grow up and have kids together, but I'm not buying it. Ron is a little whiner who can't own up to loving Hermione, and instead spends the majority of his time refusing to admit that he has feelings for her. Ron, have you seen Hermione? She could literally walk two feet and run into someone more worthy than you. Ron should be grateful that Hermione even graces him with her presence.

In general, Ron and Hermione just argue and disagree over basically everything, and while I think that's a great basis for their friendship, I don't think it needed to turn into a romantic relationship. To be fair, I'm also not a Harry and Hermione shipper. I just think Hermione needed to stick with her best buds and wait for some awesome dude to sweep her off her feet—someone who is actually worthy of her incredible charm and intelligence.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2: Ron and Hermione's first kiss

(Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 via Warner Bros.)


4. Sam and Austin (A Cinderella Story) 

As much as I love this movie, there are so many problems with this high school Cinderella story. Although they try to paint Austin as a good guy, we have to remember that he's dating the iconic mean girl while carrying out an emotional affair on the side, which is strike one. Then he still has no idea who Sam is, despite the fact that she looks exactly the same in her mask. Strike two. Then, when he finds out she's "Diner Girl," he makes no attempt to talk to her or pursue their "awesome connection" any further, proving that he does care about status and popularity. Strike three.

But is he out? Of course not! All he has to do is run away from his football game and kiss her in the rain and poor Sam is right back on board with his nonsense. He didn't treat her well, and she should have gone to Princeton on her own and found a smart dude who doesn't lose all sense of recognition just because the skin around her eyes is covered.

A Cinderella Story: Sam and Austin kiss in the rain at a football game

(A Cinderella Story via Warner Bros.)


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