9 Things We Miss About Renting Movies From Blockbuster

Nowadays, Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services dominate how we watch movies and TV, but believe it or not, it wasn'that long ago now-demise places like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video were the answer to our Friday nights.

Sure, coming home after a long day and slipping into sweats, grabbing your remote control and flipping through a slew of viewing options straight from your bed is definitely convenient, but the act of rummaging through a video store was quite the novelty.

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If you miss the experience of renting movies like we do, you'll relate to the 9 truths below:

1. You and Your Bestie Couldn't Stop Planning Your Next Rental

Feeling down about your crush? School being a pain in the butt? Nothing ceased our weekly trials and tribulations quite like a Friday pop-in to Blockbuster with our besties. It was pretty much the only thing getting us through the week. Should we rent this again? You know what we haven't rented in a while?


2. Finding a New Release Available for Rent Was Like Finding a Pot of Gold at the End of a Rainbow

There was really no way of predicting whether our fave just-released flick would be available for rent. Sure, there were heaps of copies, but those bad boys were always bound to be snatched up quickly, and if we just-so-happened to stumble upon an available copy, there was truly nothing more thrilling.


3. You Were Always Bound to Encounter an Exciting Film You Didn't Know Existed

Even if you promised mom and dad you'd only rent one movie on said night, you were always guaranteed a few sweeps through the rental store, uncovering seemingly forgotten gems featuring your fave stars. How much fun was it to read the descriptions on the back and get all excited about films you didn't even know existed?

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4. They Carried the Best Snacks

The movie rental store was not where you ventured if you were on a health kick. You knew darn well that there was no way you'd make it to the checkout stand without grabbing a box of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites or theater butter microwavable popcorn. Mouth is watering as we speak.


5. Being There Was Somewhat of a Social Experience

You just never knew who you'd encounter at the good ol' local movie rental shop. Would it be a classmate on the hunt for a flick? Cute boy from Social Studies trying to make a few bucks behind the counter? But you oddly never felt pressured to look your best during these run-ins, because duh, it was known you were keeping your night ultra cazh.


6. They Always Had Throwback Favorites on Sale to Buy

It was always fun to rummage through the sale bins. Getting a slightly used film in perfect condition for a whopping $6.99 was your idea of a steal! And sure, sometimes said films were a bit lesser-known, but you didn't care—it was all about that bang for the buck!


7. Rentals Were Cheap

Sure, those new releases were a buck or two more than the average flick, but compared to checking out a film in the theater, man, you were racking up the vids like there was no tomorrow. The contents of your piggy bank was still pretty much entirely in tact. Additionally, there was always a sort of buy-some-get-some-free deal!


8. You Had the Opportunity to Watch a Film on Repeat for Up to Seven Days!

When that big, bold Weekly Rental banner appeared on the case of a DVD or VHS (yes, you read those three letters correctly), you knew you were in store for some major binge-replay action. You were prepared to know the words to every line from your soon-to-be-fave-film!

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9. That Coveted Blockbuster Card

There was something so much fun about tacking this tiny little guy onto your keychain or slipping it in your wallet and whipping it out like a boss at the checkout line. To some of us, that was the first "membership card" we ever owned, amirite?

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Even though we greatly miss Blockbuster, we've come to terms with the fact it's no longer around. That said, check out the Netflix movie you should watch based on your zodiac sign HERE!