If Mulan Is Your Fave Disney Princess, You Need These Items

Of all the Disney princesses, Mulan by far kicks the most b-u-t-t.

We're guessing that because you found your way here, you 100% agree with us.

If you're looking for items that perfectly express your love of this heroic princess, the 12 items below are just what you need. Scroll on down to see them all!

Mulan Hair Bow: $7.99

The perfect accessory to complete any hairdo!

Mulan-inspired hair bow from Etsy

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"Fight Like a Girl" Tee: $18.50

If ever there was a tee that best represented Mulan, it'd be this one.

"Fight Like a Girl" Mulan tee from Etsy

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"Reflection" Sheet Art Print: $20

Gorgeously crafted, this handpainted sheet art is the epitome of easy on the eyes.

"Reflection" sheet art print with portrait of Mulan

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Mulan Voodoo Doll Keychain: $10

You'll always bring honor to your family with this charm by your side.

Mulan voodoo doll keychain

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"A Girl Worth Fighting for" Candle: $7

An enticing aroma of cherry blossom will fill the room once you light this candle, leaving you feeling just like Mulan sitting under her own cherry blossom tree.

A girl worth fighting for Mulan-inspired candle

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Mulan Polymer Clay Necklace: $27.25

Um, is that not the cutest clay figurine necklace you've ever seen?!

Mulan polymer clay necklace from Etsy

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Mulan Pin: $23.98

Add some flair to any jacket or bag with this minimalist pin.

Mulan minimalist pin from Etsy

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Mulan Mug: $16

Kick off every morning on a positive note by sipping your coffee, tea or even OJ from this mug.

Mulan mug from Etsy

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Mulan Minnie Mouse Ears: $27

You know you want to rock these on your next Disneyland trip.

Mulan-inspired Minnie Mouse ears

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Mulan Bracelet: $16

Elegant yet subtle, no one will know you're representing your fave princess when you rock it. But you will!

Mulan-inspired bracelet from Etsy

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Mulan Heart Necklace: $15

Because you know she has your heart.

Mulan-inspired heart necklace

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Mulan Hair Ties: $4

No better hair ties to use to keep your hair out of your face when you're trying to defeat the Huns.

Mulan hair ties

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