I Tried 5 Different Music Subscription Boxes and This Is What I Thought of Them

There's nothing better—in my eyes anyway—than discovering new artists.

One of the easiest ways to do that right now is by signing up for various music subscription boxes, and that is exactly what I did.

Future Hearts by All Time Low spinning on a Crosley vinyl record player next to a vnyl subscription box

I tried out five very distinct music subscription boxes and learned that whether you listen to punk, indie or rock, there's a box out there for you.

Keep scrolling to see which one you should subscribe to ASAP.


Feedbands music subscription box

Cost: $25 per month

This box's contents:

  • Diane by Birkwin & Vienna on vinyl
  • The Sound of Yves by Yves on vinyl
  • Two Years to Live: My Boys Gonna Play in the Big Leagues by Scott Dunbar One Man Band on vinyl
  • Pequeñas Hiroshimas by A Shelter in the Desert on vinyl
  • Lyric sheets for each record

My thoughts: If you're really into being the first to discover a new artist before they become insanely popular, this is the box for you. I discovered four indie artists from this subscription box that I otherwise wouldn't have discovered on my own. I specifically became obsessed with Scott Dunbar. Listening to his album seriously moved me and I connected so deeply with his lyrics.

What's super cool about this box is that all of the vinyls in it are a first-time pressing. Plus, you even get to vote for which ones you want pressed. And if that isn't enough to convince you to give this box a chance, your first trial is free.

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Vinyl Moon

Vinyl Moon subscription box

Cost: $30 per month

This box's contents:

  • Night Eyes vinyl featuring various artists
  • Still Life vinyl featuring various artists
  • Artist booklet for each vinyl
  • Photo diary from Sinziana Velicescu
  • A Vinyl Moon record slip mat
  • A multicolored slip mat

My thoughts: First, I have to mention how much I'm a fan of the important role art plays for each vinyl. It sets the tone for the musical journey you're about to embark on and lets your imagination run free while listening to the songs on the albums. It's simply breathtaking.

While each record contains 10 songs by 10 different artists, not a single song felt out of place on either record I listened to. They all meshed together, just as if it were any other album. I did thoroughly enjoy that there were a number of different bands and musicians featured on each record. It gave me a taste of what each artist was like. If I was really feeling them, I looked them up after. And I pretty much did that for each artist on the two vinyls.

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Vnyl music subscription


  • Solo subscription box: $22 per month
  • #BFF subscription box: $35 per month
  • Triple Triple subscription box: $37 per month
  • Trio subscription box: $39 per month

This box's contents:

  • Future Hearts by All Time Low on vinyl
  • A Shipwreck in the Sand by Silverstein on vinyl
  • Ships by Prawn on vinyl
  • Three stickers
  • A handwritten note about this box's musical selections from a Vnyl curator

My thoughts: I opted for the #LeafMeAlone vibe, meaning a Vnyl curator chose all of the albums in this box for me based on the profile I had filled out. Needless to say, he hit the nail right on the head. All Time Low is one of my all time favorite bands (pun intended), so I was stoked to see they made their way into my subscription. I had listened to Silverstein before, but definitely got into them more after listening to A Shipwreck in the Sand. I hadn't heard of Prawn before, but I'm totally a fan now.

If you don't want to take a chance on a curator picking out vinyls for you, you also have the option to choose the vinyls you want by selecting from a couple different vibes on the site.

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The Music Box

Subscription of The Music Box


  • The Digital Envelope subscription box: $3 per month
  • The Envelope subscription box: $5 per month
  • The Box subscription box: $12 per month
  • The Bundle subscription box: $15 per month

This box's contents:

  • Aiming for the Sun by Shayna Rain and the Part Time Models on a CD
  • Strictly Speaking by The Olés on a CD
  • A download card for Before You Go by Rabid Young
  • A QR code for Blind Moxie
  • A Foreign Figures sticker
  • A Shayna Rain sticker
  • A Hard to Hit pin
  • Two pieces of Dubble Bubble
  • One pack of Smarties

My thoughts: My subscription was The Box. The artists in the box were ones I hadn't heard of before and their music isn't in the genre that I normally listen to. But I absolutely adore listening to artists who play a style of music that is out of my comfort zone. It's fun being able to switch things up and get in tune with artists you wouldn't necessarily seek out. If you are very particular about the genre you listen to, you can also cater your box to that style of much.

Not going to lie, I found this box extra sweet because of the candy that was included. Stickers are always one of my favorite things, so you can bet those bad boys are now stuck to my journal.

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Moshboxx subscription box


  • Picking Up Change subscription box: $9.99 per month
  • Enter the Pit subscription box: $19.95 per month
  • Limited Edition Arena subscription box: $34.95

This box's contents:

  • Turning Gray Black by Truth in Needles on a CD
  • Hardcore Liberation Front by Truth in Needles on a CD
  • 70 Watts of Silence by Mikey's Attic on a CD
  • Paramore's The Final Riot! on Blu-ray
  • Songs from Gene Defcon on vinyl
  • A No Doubt Rock Steady poster
  • A poster signed by Truth in Needles
  • A Moshboxx #GirlsToTheFront poster

My thoughts: My subscription was Enter the Pit. I'm a huge fan of Paramore and No Doubt, so I was stoked when I opened the box to find the Paramore Blu-ray and the No Doubt poster. For the most part I listen to some pretty hardcore bands, so the music in this box was right up my alley. I had heard of Truth in Needles before, but I never checked them out. I'm so glad they were featured in this box, because the dudes are rad.

What's great about this box is it's a fun assortment of plenty of fun knickknacks. From CDS to DVDs and shirts to posters, there are so many things you can potentially get in your subscription.

Subscribe to Moshboxx HERE! Enter code SWEETYHIGH16 to get 20% off the Enter the Pit box.


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