This Wizard Bookmark Is the Perfect Gift for Harry Potter Fans

These Pokémon behinds are the cutest way to keep your place in your fave book.

The designs are by MyBookMark, a company based out of Ukraine that crafts each of these unique pop-out bookmarks by hand.

Pikachu and Eevee: Pokémon butt bookmarks from MyBookMark

Each one consists of a sturdy bookmark with its own fun and empowering saying, plus a fun character—or part of a character—which pops out of the book when it's shut.

Pikachu butt bookmark with text from MyBookMark

Pokémon fans can get Bookachu (Pikachu), Shelfuirtle (Squirtle), Charmaker (Charmander), Pageowth (Meowth) or Nerdevee (Eevee) for $27 each. But if Pokémon isn't your thing, there are a lot more options for you at MyBookMark.


Harry Potter-themed wizard bookmark with text from MyBookMark

Another one of MyBookMark's most popular items is the Magician bookmark, inspired, of course, by the Harry Potter series. The bookmark itself is emblazoned with the Deathly Hallows and one of our fave quotes from The Prisoner of Azkaban.

Harry Potter-themed wizard quidditch bookmark from MyBookMark

And when the book is shut, it looks like Harry's legs are jutting out, along with his Quidditch broom. You can buy yourself one (or get a second and third for your HP-loving friends) from MyBookMark for $25 each. They've also got bookmarks inspired by The Wizard of OzThe Lord of the RingsAlice in Wonderland and more.


Santa Claus legs bookmark from MyBookMark

And last but definitely not least is MyBookMark's festive new holiday collection. It's their biggest collection of bookmarks yet, and each one would make the perfect stocking stuffer. We particularly love these upside-down Santa legs.

tinsel-wrapped cat and gingerbread legs bookmarks from MyBookMark

In addition to the Santa legs, cat in garland and gingerbread man legs seen here, they also have elves, yetis, penguins, snowmen, reindeer and more available for $25 for the holiday season.


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