Pup Parents (and Their Dogs) Will LOVE These Amazing Products

May 13 is National Dog Mom Day, and we think there's no better time than now to celebrate the pup parents in our lives (and the dogs who inspire them daily).

Along with all of the inevitable playtime and snuggles taking place this holiday, we think it's worth celebrating with some extra pampering for both owner and pet. Keep scrolling to discover the products we've been loving most this season.

Discover NIGHT Silk Pet Bed: $200+

Want your dog to know they're the most spoiled pup in town? We can't think of a better way to show it than with Discover NIGHT's luxurious Silk Pet Bed. It's the world's first silk pet bed, consisting of a memory foam base with a machine-washable, zip-off silk cover that is amazing for both fur and skin health. Your dog won't want to sleep anywhere else (especially during the summertime), and it comes in small, medium and large sizes for pets up to 100 lbs.

Discover NIGHT Silk Pet Bed

(via Discover NIGHT)


Scout and Zoe's Munchworthy Minnows ($19.98) and Kangaroo Jerky ($23.98)

We don't know about you, but our dogs tend to get a little bored of the typical pet store treats. We're huge fans of Scout and Zoe's unusual snacks because the novelty means our dogs love them, too. The Munchworthy Minnows are freeze-fried, making them small, crunchy treats that pack a flavorful punch for pups, while the Kangaroo Jerky is made with just kangaroo and sea salt for a clean chew they'll enjoy snacking on any time of day.

Scout and Zoe's Munchworthy Minnows ($19.98) and Kangaroo Jerky ()

(via Scout and Zoe's)


WHIMZEES by Wellness Alligator Dental Chews: $15.50

WHIMZEES by Wellness are awesome dog treats that double as teeth cleaners, and we've found that our dogs enjoy these playful alligator-shaped chews more than most. The treats keep them happy and occupied while simultaneously helping them bust plaque and tartar, cleaning their chompers and stopping bad breath in its tracks.

WHIMZEES by Wellness Alligator Dental Chews

(via Chewy)


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Bundle x Joy Gutsy Digestive Supplement: $24.99

Gut health is super important for dogs, helping them to maintain happy tummies as well as reducing allergies, and Bundle x Joy's Gutsy Digestive Supplements are chicken-flavored bites your pet will look forward to munching every day. They contain a blend of five probiotics to support the gut and digestive tract, contain absolutely zero grain, corn, wheat or doy and include healthy superfoods to empower your pup.

Bundle x Joy Gutsy Supplement

(via Bundle x Joy)


HyperX x P.L.A.Y. Toy Collab: $37.50

Anyone who loves gaming almost as much as they love dogs is going to be obsessed with the HyperX x P.L.A.Y. Toy Collab, creating cute puppy toys inspired by gaming peripherals. It includes toys modeled after an RGB keyboard, gaming headset and podcasting microphone, each with its own playful squeakers.


HyperX x P.L.A.Y. Toy Collab

(via HyperX)


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Earth Rated Lavender-Scented Poop Bag Refill Rolls: $7.99+

Absolutely no one likes picking up dog poop, but Earth Rated's Lavender-Scented Poop Bags can make all the difference to make the experience a whole lot more pleasant. Not only are they eco-friendly (the brand recycles over 5 million pounds of landfill-bound plastic every year), but they're convenient to carry, strong and leakproof, and the pleasant scent masks odors beautifully until you can toss your baggy in the trash.

Earth Rated Lavender-Scented Poop Bag Refill Rolls

(via Earth Rated)


Diggs Passenger Travel Carrier: $185.25

If you've got a small pup you have to take absolutely everywhere, this Diggs Passenger Travel Carrier has both of your names written all over it. It can carry pets up to 18 pounds, with various zip-open compartments they can pop their head out of and convenient travel pockets. Plus, its dimensions were designed specifically for carry-on air travel.

Diggs Passenger Travel Carrier

(via Diggs)


Bark Brite All-Season Neoprene Dog Booties: $26.99

With the summer rapidly approaching, your dog deserves a pair of great All-Season Neoprene Dog Booties from Bark Brite to protect their paws from scalding asphalt, rough terrain and everything else nature can throw at them. They come in different sizes and colors for all types of dogs, and also make for great water shoes or even snow shoes when the temperatures dip.

Bark Brite All-Season Neoprene Dog Booties

(via Bark Brite)


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Dandylion Clean Paws No-Rinse Foaming Cleanser: $18

For those times your dog isn'wearing protective shoes, there's Dandylion's convenient Clean Paws No-Rinse Foaming Cleanser. This cleanser has a silicon bristle brush right on the bottle, which instantly builds up a super cleansing foam that cleans dirty paws thoroughly, without dehydrating them or stripping them of natural oils. When you're done, you don't even need to rinse it off—just wipe dry!

Dandylion Clean Paws No-Rinse Foaming Cleanser

(via Dandylion)


Woof Wicks Custom Dog Candle: $28+

While Woof Wicks candles aren't for dogs, per say, they are 100% pet-friendly, using a 60-second quiz and artificial intelligence to build you a custom candle, inspired by the pup in question. We adore how easy it is to enjoy a candle especially made for you and your pop, and the natural wood wick-burning experience and great scents will keep you coming back after each candle burns through.

Woof Wicks Custom Dog Candle

(via Woof Wicks)


Tattly The Dog Pack Tattoo Set: $15

We realize that not every pet parent will want to wear these cute and hilarious The Dog Pack temporary tattoos from Tattly, but they're the ultimate statement for playful owners of Boston terriers, beagles, corgis and French bulldogs. They go on just like classic temporary tattoos in just 30 seconds, lasting two to four days, and the set contains two of each of the four pups to keep the love going.

Tattly The Dog Pack Tattoo Set

(via Tattly)


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