Taylor Swift's Red Lip Is On Point For National Lipstick Day

Today just happens to be the makeup holiday to end all makeup holidays — National Lipstick Day! Obvi we need to talk about the celebs who are always our lipstick inspo. But which look would you totally work?

A grid of four photos with a photo of Lorde, Taylor Swift, Glozell Green and Anna Kendrick

Queen of the Darkness

This is a promotional photo of New Zealand singer Lorde for her campaign with MAC Cosmetics. She is wearing her signature dark purple lip and a gray dress.

(via Vogue)

No one works a dark purple lip quite like Lorde. Her fair skin tone and natural makeup really makes the berry lip pop on the singing sensation.

She's So Classic

Taylor Swift is posing for cameras on the red carpet in a lacy white dress and a classic red lipstick.

(via Playbuzz)

It's so clear that the always stylist Taylor Swift totally owns the classic red lip. We need her to post a tutorial vid on how she always nails the look.

All About the Green

A promotional photo from YouTuber sensation Glozell green's website with her smiling at the camera with her signature green lipstick and green tracksuit on.

(via Google+)

We wish we could wear green lipstick as confidently as GloZell Green. She even wore it while interviewing President Obama himself — AMAZE!

Natural Beauty

Anna Kendrick is posing on the red carpet for the premiere of her movie Into The Woods in a simple black dress with a natural makeup look and her hair slicked back.

(via People)

Sometimes you just have to give your lips a break from color and rock a nude lip just like Anna Kendrick. There's plenty of beauty in going all natural!

Which lipstick look will you use as inspiration for this marvelous National Lipstick Day? Let us know in the comments below. And don't forget to tweet us some pics!