4 Ways to Naturally Lighten Your Hair This Summer

Looking for ways to naturally lighten up your locks this summer?

Lucky for you, there's a slew of at-home DIY treatments that promise naturally lighter hair without the hassle (or damage) of bleach. Now if you're looking for full-on highlights, you'll need to see a colorist, but if you're just itching to get some brightness around the face and on the ends, the below at-home ways should do the trick.

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Mix Lemon Juice With Conditioner or Coconut Oil

You've probably heard that lemon juice naturally lightens your hair, which is correct. But before you go dunking your head in pitchers of freshly squeezed lemon juice, know that lemons are very acidic and can actually damage and dry your hair out. A great way to get all the benefits without the dryness is to mix it in with your conditioner or even coconut oil before a long day in the sun.


Create a Saltwater Solution

There's a reason why a weekend at the beach lightens your hair. Not only does the sun brighten things up, the salt in the ocean also is a major lightening agent. If the beach is too far away, you can create your own formula of salt and water, put in a spray bottle and spritz all over.

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Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is truly an unsung hero. Not only is it wonderful for helping with psoriasis and dandruff, and removes pesky build up, it also helps lighten your hair. This is definitely one of the more gentle options for getting lighter hair, and it might even take a few times for noticeable results.


Create a Honey Cinnamon Mask

Magic unfolds when honey and cinnamon come together! Place two parts honey for one part cinnamon in a bowl and then apply to the areas you want to lighten. There are trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide in honey that are activated by the cinnamon. Apply to your hair, let sit for an hour and then rinse. This also doubles as a sweet-smelling hair mask, too!


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