Nazanin Reveals the Story Behind Her Epic New Empowerment Anthem, 'Dangerous'

Looking to kick off your summer with an empowering anthem to yourself? Look no further than Nazanin's new single, "Dangerous."

Based out of New York City, the singer-songwriter Nazanin (pronounced Nau-za-neen) is a master of her craft, and "Dangerous" is an epic and danceable ode to stepping into your own power. The single is out today, and we had the pleasure of chatting with Nazanin herself about how she lets go of her own insecurities and understands her self-worth—and why it's so important for women to be "dangerous."

Sweety High: What was the songwriting process behind "Dangerous"?

Nazanin: "Dangerous" was one of the first songs I ever wrote—I wrote it two years ago once I started really deep diving into my development as an artist. I was inspired by a lot of things—my ex being one. I was aggravated by his behavior towards me (he was older, way more experienced, so you can imagine the power play) and just the treatment of a lot of people I've dealt with in my life. I felt like I've been bullied a lot—people always projecting their insecurities onto me which developed my grit. Their behaviors confused me because they didn't correlate with how I viewed myself—an inherently powerful and resourceful person. Feeling inspired, I found a beat online I really liked, licensed it and wrote the lyrics and melody to it. I have a few people I trust when it comes to my music so I got their feedback and then went to a small studio in Brooklyn to record it.


SH: What does the track mean to you? Was there a specific instance that inspired it?

Nazanin: I wouldn't say there was a specific instance but definitely a culmination of moments and my feelings which helped inspire it. To me, the track is special because it helps you reclaim your power if you're ever feeling out of touch with your badass self. Listening to it gives you confidence. It's definitely an empowering song.


SH: Did the melody or the idea come first? How do you think the sound of the song supports its themes?

Nazanin: The idea came first—I heard the instrumental and was inspired to write the concept followed by melody and lyrics.


SH: What does it mean to you to be "dangerous"? Do you have any advice for other young women on his they can embrace their own "dangerous," most authentic side?

Nazanin: To me, to be dangerous means to be unapologetically yourself, powerful, a badass and a boss. Basically, unf***able with.
Yes—don't care what other people think—only care what you think of yourself. Don't ever dim your shine for anyone. Don't be a pushover. Not everyone has to like you in life—stick to your own values and stay true to you.


SH: How do you feel "Dangerous" is different from the music you've released in the past?

Nazanin: The two songs I've released in the past, while they were pop, were leaning more towards pop/R&B and pop/soul. Concept-wise, they were also based on love and romance. "Dangerous" on the other hand is a pop/dance track where the concept is not rooted in anything romantic. However, I do have to say that both "Dangerous" and the songs I've released in the past, all deal with common themes of empowerment.


SH: What's your favorite lyric from the track?

Nazanin: My favorite line in the song is "What happens in the dark comes to the light, don't unleash the beast, in your head I'll have you up all night, don't make me put you on your knees."


SH: Is there anything else you want people to know about the song?

Nazanin: "Dangerous" is a feel good dark pop/dance record perfect for the spring and summer. I hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun making it!


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