Could These 3 Tips Help You Get Rid of Your Nervous Habit?

We're all guilty of having our own nervous habits.

Whether it's biting our nails, fidgeting with our jewelry or picking at our skin, it's not easy to say adios to these little "ticks" that are often evoked when we're anxious, stressed or just bored.

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So, how do we get rid of these tendencies or at least be aware of when they're happening?

We spoke to Michelle Ibrahimi, a certified psychotherapist, who explained that luckily, we are not totally stuck with these behaviors forever and there are ways we can reduce or eliminate them.

Scroll below to see what three simple things she suggests we do to help prevent these habits.

1. Exercise

One of the best (and easiest) ways to alleviate anxiety and stress is by exercising!

"When we release our excess energy through our muscles, we find some relief," Michelle explained. "I have had many clients find that their uncomfortable habits and ticks subside or decrease when they find a physical activity they enjoy [and] engage in regularly."

Think about what sport could help power you up and get your mind elsewhere. If your mind and body are focused on a physical activity, it is likely that your bad habit will flair up.

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2. Connect With Others

Isn't it true that humans are social animals by nature? We love and need to be surrounded by others, and, believe it or not, surrounding yourself by friends and family can actually help decrease the frequency of your bad habits.

"When we feel at ease with others in the world, we feel safer and more comfortable in our worlds in general," Michelle said.

So, go ahead grab your bestie and spend some quality time with them. You'll be so preoccupied with your hangout, that your habits won't even have the chance to occur.

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3. Talk to a Professional

If your habits ever start to affect the way you're living, there are professionals who can help you.

Michelle explained that we all have anxiety or nervous habits, so you are not alone.

"When we notice anxiety or habits getting worse, it is best to talk to a professional for insight and techniques to feel our best," she said.

Don't be scared to reach out if you think it's a bigger problem than you can handle yourself—someone will gladly help you tackle your bad habit. No need to do it alone!

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