14 Memes You'll Relate to If You Spend Way Too Much Time Watching Netflix

Netflix has taken over the world of entertainment.

And that shouldn't come as a surprise. It's fast, easy, convenient and jam-packed with binge-worthy content—what more could you ask for? However, despite the ease of use, we still feel a tiny pang of guilt when we neglect all other responsibilities in favor of this addictive streaming service.

If you can understand our struggle, keep scrolling for 14 memes you'll relate to if you spend way too much time watching Netflix.

1. No matter how hard you fight it, you always click 'Next Episode':


2. Your love of streaming has invaded every area of your life:

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3. Other responsibilities have definitely taken a backseat:

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4. But you're still constantly on the hunt for new shows to keep you distracted:


5. Because at this point Netflix is the most stable thing in your life:


6. Even if it shows you sides of yourself you'd rather not see:


7. No matter the question, Netflix is the answer:


8. Though it does present some difficult problems:


9. You even have your own set of quality improvement suggestions:


10. It's not like you're ever going to leave it:


11. Seriously, you're always going to be there:


12. Even when you're not sure if you're there:


13. You're there:

14. But what can you do? Netflix reigns supreme:


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