7 Things to Stream on Netflix If You're Obsessed With Liv and Maddie

When we heard we'll be saying farewell to Disney's sitcom Liv and Maddie after its fourth and final season starting Sept. 23, we were devastated.

One of our fave shows ever coming to an end? How could it be?

Instead of mourning over our loss, we decided to scour Netflix for seven other hilarious shows and movies similar to Liv and Maddie that will entertain us long after the program ends.

Here's what we found:


TV show: Good Luck Charlie
What it's about: PJ, Teddy and Gabe Duncan's lives turn upside down when their mom decides to have another baby. The sibs navigate life with their new baby sister Charlie, and teach her lessons as they go. Teddy Duncan creates video diaries of their many misadventures to show baby Charlie when she grows up.
How it's like Liv and Maddie: Similar to the Rooney family, the Duncans have a very interesting and hilarious dynamic. Both families have two boys and two girls, all with totally different personalities.


Movie: Cadet Kelly
What it's about: Laid back girly-girl, Kelly Collins, is sent to George Washington Military School and decides to join the hardcore drill team.
How it's like Liv and Maddie: Like Liv, Kelly is thrown into a completely new environment. Kelly is forced to adapt to her new military lifestyle just as Liv is forced to adapt to her hometown in Wisconsin after being in Hollywood for four years.


Movie: Seventeen Again
What it's about: After a freak lab experiment goes wrong, two grandparents transform into their younger selves.
How it's like Liv and Maddie: The film stars Tia and Tamera Mowry…we've got some twin power here!


TV show: Lost & Found Music Studios
What it's about: A group of teen musicians are members of an after-school program where they hope to find their musical identities.
How it's like Liv and Maddie: This show is all about following passions, something Liz and Maddie both do (with basketball and acting).


TV show: Violetta
What it's about: A talented teen girl named Violetta moves back to Buenos Aries with her dad after living in Madrid. Upon her return, she meets a dreamy crush, discovers her love of music and makes all new friends at school.
How it's like Liv and Maddie: Violetta is very similar to Liv in that she's trying to find her path. By returning home, she hopes to discover who she really is once and for all.


Movie: Starstruck
What it's about: Hollywood pop star, Sterling Knight, and small town girl, Danielle Campbell, meet by chance and have a crazy adventure together in Los Angeles.
How it's like Liv and Maddie: Like Liv, Sterling is trying his best to be normal, but realizes it's not easy coming back down to earth when he's so used to the ways of Hollywood. 


TV show: Life With Boys

What it's about: Tess Foster is the only girl in her male-dominated household. She has three brothers—Gabe who is a ladies man, her youngest brother Spencer who is mega intelligent and her twin brother Sam.
How it's like Liv and Maddie: Just like Liv and Maddie, Tess and her twin brother Sam are nothing alike. #twinproblems 


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