Show Off Your New Cat With One of These 20 Instagram Captions

If you've got a new cat in your life, we are majorly jealous and happy for you!

Furry friends not only bring us joy and laughter, but they're there to pick up the pieces when we're feeling down. From cuddles to scratches and belly rubs, kittens are pretty much always adorable. Feel like showing off your cute new kitty with the rest of the world? Continue below for 20 Instagram captions for pics of your new cat.

For when you and your new cat are already BFFS:

"It ain't easy being purr-fect."


For when your kitty has the fluffiest tail ever:

"Do you believe in furry tails?"


For when your cat's paws are adorable:

"Staying paw-sitive."


For when you and your kitty are napping together:

"Taking a little cat nap."


For when your cat has a great angry face:

"Zero fluffs given."


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For when you're smooching on your kitty:

"I love you meow and fur-ever."

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For when you're excited to show off your new cat to the world:

"This is my new cat… I'm not kitten!"


For when you're enjoying the first few days with your new kitty:

"So fur, so good."


For when you're so in love with your new furry friend:

"Let's spend nine lives together."


For when you and your cat are bonding:

"Love is a four-legged word."


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For when you're loving on your new cat:

"When I'm with you, I'm feline good."


For when you're unveiling your new BFF to the world:

"It's meow or never."


For when your cat is so cute that you can't even:

"You've got to be kitten me!"


For when you and your kitty are two peas in a pod:

"We are perfect together."


For when your kitty is running around in circles:

"Cat me if you can!"


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For when your cat is looking too cute:

"I'm one smitten kitten."


For when you already have tons of shedding to deal with:

"[Enter cat's name] puts the fur in furniture."


For when your kitty has completely taken over your space:

"The cat is in charge, but I pay the rent."


For when you and your new cat are enjoying your new life together:

"Home is where the cat is."


For when you and your kitty look like the cutest BFFs ever:

"Friends fur-ever!"


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