6 Things Everyone Should Get Rid of in 2018

You hear it every year at the start of January, "New year, new me."

While resolutions may come and go, it's safe to say that we can't move into our new lives until we've let go of some old items that weigh us down. Get a head start on your new life by weeding out those ghosts of your former life.

From material items to personal relationships, these are the top six things that everyone needs to get rid of in the new year:

1. Last Season's Unworn Clothes

If you went through the hot weather season without wearing certain articles even once, then they have no place in your wardrobe. Going a full year or more between wearing an item is a pretty good indication that you're just not feelin' it any longer. Of course, if you have a piece that has some sort of sentimental value, consider keeping it in storage so that it doesn't take up precious square inches of your closet.

We know, we all say to ourselves but I might wear it next year. The truth is, you probably won't, but if you really are concerned about it, consider passing the article down to a friend or sister who can wear it until you feel so inclined to don it again.

Cher Horowitz messy bedroom

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2. Those Old Shoes with Holes

Our impulse to hold onto a pair of shoes until they are as hole-y as Swiss cheese is noble, yet not the vibe we want to bring into the new year. Getting rid of a beloved pair of shoes that you've worn down to perfection isn't easy, but it is necessary eventually. Start the new year off right by saying au revoir to your old sneaks.


3. Last Semester's Tests and Homework

There are many of us who hold onto old tests and homework like they are important tax documents. This is, however, hoarder behavior. Toss out those old assignments because they are doing absolutely nothing but collecting dust and cluttering your bedroom. We're all proud of our good grades, but admit it, these crinkly sheets have seen better days. Out with them!


4. Remnants From Your Ex

Whether you're still holding on to an old necklace they gifted you, a shirt of theirs they left behind or a sweet birthday card, it's time to let go of these items from your ex. You'll always have the memories (for better or worse), so keeping trinkets of an old relationship may just make it more difficult to move on. The new year should be all about you, and once these things are out of your room you'll be on the fast track to feeling like a brand new woman.


5. Ancient Makeup and Skincare Products

We all do it. We hold onto eye shadow palettes that have crumbled into dust, bottles of skincare serums that barely have a drop left and old lotions that we've never used but just might sometime soon. It's time to rip off the Band-Aid and toss these containers into the trash. For one, many of these products have probably long since expired, but secondly they are just cluttering your already vast makeup and skincare collection. None of these items are irreplaceable, so if you love them that much, simply spring for a new version!

Old make up

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6. Toxic Friendships

While it's wise advice to make new friends but keep the old, some of these friendships aren't meant to last. If you've been struggling through a toxic friendship (trust us, we have plenty of experience with toxic friends), it's time to go your separate ways. You're only hurting yourself by holding onto a friend who doesn't appreciate your loyalty. 

Blind Ring toxic friend group

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Letting go of things, both material and emotional, can be really difficult. If you know you need to drop a toxic friend, click HERE for tips on how to remove yourself from this unhealthy relationship.