The Rap Game Alum Nia Kay Dishes on Her Hip-Hop Destiny and Upcoming Single, 'Go Best Friend'

Ever since we first spotted 19-year-old Nia Kay on the reality series The Rap Game, we knew the young hip-hop star was going places.

In the show's second season, she placed within the top three, and that was just the start of her illustrious career in rap music. She's been prolific ever since, with the music video for her recent single "Ignored" racking up more than a million YouTube views in just two months—and we think her next one is going to be big.

On Friday, Nov. 19, she'll release her next big single, "Go Best Friend," and we got the opportunity to chat with Nia about what the single means to her, and how she got to where she is today.

Sweety High: Would you say that being a part of The Rap Game was your big break? What did that experience mean to you, and what did you learn while you were on the show?

Nia Kay: Being a part of The Rap Game was one of my many big breaks and definitely strongly contributed to my exposure. The experience is something I'll hold on to for a lifetime. Being on The Rap Game showed me simply that there are others out there just as hungry!

Nia Kay pink top and black skirt

(Photo credit: Amadeus Purcell)

SH: How do you think your talent and style have evolved since then?

NK: Since when I first came out, I feel I've of course changed, but just as much elevated as well. I'm a new me, but a better one—way more educated and headstrong about my business. I know what to do and not to do, now.


SH: What do you think sets you apart from other rappers working today?

NK: I think me alone sets me apart from others in the industry—me standing by what I believe in, staying true to me and giving my fans an authentic version of a boss. I'm unique, for sure.


SH: What can you tease about your upcoming single, "Go Best Friend"? What is the track about, and why are you so excited to share it?

NK: My new single, "Go Best Friend," releasing soon, is pure good energy. It's a turn-up record, a record you'd grab your girls to dance to at the club and get lost. I'm excited to see everyone's reactions, from young to old!

Nia Kay blonde gold outfit

(Photo credit: Amadeus Purcell)


SH: Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

NK: My biggest musical influences I'd say came from my family. Both my mom and dad were involved with music along with my uncles. I had all types of celebrities around me that I was calling "unc" from Yung Berg to Kanye West. Music was destined for me. I didn't have to choose it—it was around me and in me.


SH: Can you tell us about your company, The Branch? What is it all about, and why are you passionate about the work you're doing there?

NK: The Branch is a label me and my dad created. Eventually, I'd like to gain artists under my wing, as well as use my company to bring more awareness to different topics. The Branch is for equality and togetherness. The branch of a tree can't do much without the stems and leaves.

Nia Kay purple jacket

(Photo credit: Amadeus Purcell)


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