5 Fun Facts About Nickelodeon's GIGANTIC Brand New West Coast Headquarters

Every Nickelodeon fan's dream has been brought to life in Burbank, California.

As we showed you last week based on our personalized tour, the network officially opened the doors to its much anticipated 200,000+ square-foot complex. This massive building is a sight to be seen, with surprises at every corner, like a 400 lb. statue of The Ren and Stimpy Show'Stimpy right smack in the middle of a zen garden. Sweety High was front and center during the ribbon cutting and we reveal five fun facts below about this epic workspace.

nick wall

(Courtesy of Nickelodeon)

1. The Building Has an 88-Person Screening Room

Right inside Nickelodeon's offices is a huge screening room. It feels like you are at the coolest movie theater! Our imagination ran wild just thinking of all the amazing movie-watching parties we could throw for our friends in this massive room. The screening room has a very modern design but at the same time, has a feel for old Hollywood.

screening room

(Courtesy of Nickelodeon)


2. Employees Work Under What They Call 'Artist Lights'

Seeing your fave cartoon onscreen is one thing, but seeing how it gets made is a completely separate experience! It never occurred to us that these writers and artists need certain types of environments to be successful. Enter what was explained to us as "artist lights." These big, white, circular fixtures in the ceiling reflect light in the most perfect way. Artists at Nick prefer their rooms lit this way. Instead of having bulbs emit light directly down, they have them face up and bounce the light from the white fixture onto the artist's drawing. How cool is that?

Nickelodeon Office

(Courtesy of Nickelodeon)


3. The Building Has a Special Drawing Room

Nickelodeon is all about creativity so it came as no surprise that the building prioritizes having spaces where people can really get their creative juices flowing. The art room is stocked with pastel colors, paint and every other drawing material that you can think of. Employees are encouraged to use the drawing room and all of its tools. We wish we had one of these in our house!

Nick drawing room

(Courtesy of Nickelodeon)


4. Each Department Has Floor-to-Ceiling Chalk Walls

Immediately after exiting the elevator on the office floors, you can't help but notice huge chalk drawings that span a full-length wall. We were told that Nick employees are encouraged to leave their own creative mark on the floor. They are asked to modify the wall with their words or drawings. It also makes for the best brainstorm tool as people can crowd around the wall while they throw and draw ideas out.

Chalk walls at Nickelodeon

(Courtesy of Nickelodeon)


5. Employees Get to Play Video Games on Their Breaks

These incredibly hard-working employees luckily have many ways to relax. In addition to a vast view of the city from pretty much all areas of the entire building, they also have the luxury a full-size TV, with video games to boot. People who work at Nick come here to take a load off and pass some time with colleagues. Maybe our schools will take a page out of Nick's book! 

Nickelodeon Corner Office

(Courtesy of Nickelodeon)


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