These Awesome Headphones Light Up to the Rhythm of Your Favorite Music

Night Rhythm neon glow light headphones glow in the dark and pulse to the beat of your music—and whether they head into production or not depends on the success of their Kickstarter.

They're not available to the masses just yet, but I got the unique opportunity to try out a pair of the headphones myself, and here's what I found out.

Night rhythm headphones pink

First off, Night Rhythm headphones come in two styles—sport and festival. The festival edition has a flattened, tangle-free cord, but the sport headphones I received have handy ear hooks to keep them in place.

With the help of the ear hooks, they're pretty much impossible to lose no matter how much you move around, so whether you're in the middle of an intense workout, or just dancing to your heart's content, your headphones will stick with you every step of the way.

Night rhythm headphones case

They also work with any standard headphone jack, they sound incredible and they get very loud without audio compression or crackling.

First off, the headphones themselves are super cute—I got a pair in pink—so even if you're not listening in the dark, they're still stylish enough to impress your friends. If it's light out, you won't get much benefit from the built-in lights. You really need to be in the dark to see these headphones work their magic.

Once your lights are down and the music is up, you can see what these headphones really do. With the help of an electroluminescent wire, the neon lights pulsing through the cords are vibrant and follow the beat of whatever music you're listening to. They're awesome for nighttime workouts, or just bopping to your favorite music in your room before bed.

In order to use the built-in lights, the headphones do have to be charged through a rechargeable USB battery. According to Night Rhythm, a full charge should result in about three hours of light, and in my experience, that's been pretty accurate.

Night Rhythm Headphones dark

To prevent the battery from dying too quickly, the lights also shut off after three minutes of silence from whatever device they're plugged into. And if you just want a steady light, there's a mode for that, too.

Also keep in mind that the pulsing lights will only activate when the volume on your device is at about 50% or higher. If you're going for quiet, mellow listening, you may want to go for the steady mode if you want your music to be accompanied by a light show.

If you can't foresee a situation where you'd be rocking out to your favorite tunes in the dark, these probably aren't the headphones for you, but if you can't get enough of flashing neon lights, loud music, mood lighting and night runs, they're must-haves.

As of the writing of this article, Night Rhythm has made a bit over $29,000 of its $35,000 goal—and they'll only be widely available if they reach that goal. With a month to go until the March 2 deadline, there's still time for you to back them and be one of the very first to own your own pair. Order yours now and you can get a pair for $48.


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