Although nothing’s been officially confirmed, talk of a sequel to The Kissing Booth is making headlines once again.

Last week, the author of the book, Beth Reekles, told International Business Times that she’s more than open to a sequel, and actually hopes that it will happen in some form.

Unfortunately, I happen to have a rather cynical view of a sequel movie. As in, I think a second Kissing Booth is the last thing we need. Keep scrolling to see why.

Sequels Are Notoriously Bad

First and foremost, sequels are notoriously known for being bad. In fact, the better the first movie is, the more the second movie fails to live up to the hype. If The Kissing Booth was really as incredible as everyone claims, why run the risk of ruining it with a sequel?

The Kissing Booth: Noah and Elle get caught by Lee

(The Kissing Booth via Netflix)


More Character Development Might Not Be a Good Thing

If we want to take an honest look at this film, we have to recognize that each and every character was far from perfect. In fact, they were all pretty selfish, immature, codependent and emotionally dense. While those exact qualities made the first film exciting and dramatic, the increased character development that we would see in a second film might not be a good thing.

More time with these characters would assuredly make their bad qualities more pronounced, transforming them from lovably imperfect individuals to self-absorbed monsters. I would rather remember them as flawed but essentially likable, rather than delving deeper into their personalities and realizing they’re just not really good people.


Elle and Noah’s Relationship Wasn’t That Healthy

It’s a risky claim, but I stand by it—Elle and Noah’s relationship just wasn’t that healthy. Not only is their relationship founded in secrets and lies, it’s also not supported by the most important people in their lives, including Elle’s dad and Lee. In addition, Noah has a huge temper problem and displays some deeply problematic and controlling behavior.

All of these issues were a little glossed over in the first movie in the interest of giving viewers that ultimate happily ever after, but they would be pretty hard to avoid in a second film. I don’t want or need more of their unhealthy relationship habits, and I don’t think anyone else does, either.

The Kissing Booth: Elle and Noah's first kiss

(The Kissing Booth via Netflix)


It Would Ruin the Ending

Despite the fact that I wasn’t all that supportive of Elle and Noah’s relationship, I did appreciate the end of the movie. It left things open-ended, clearly acknowledging that their relationship might not last while Noah’s in college, but simultaneously refraining from making any final decisions. To me, that captured the reality of dating—someone can have a profound impact on your life, and still not be the person you end with or the person who’s actually right for you.

A sequel movie would completely ruin the beautiful message of the original ending. Obviously, you can’t have a second film without more of Elle and Noah together, which detracts from the open-ended reality that most relationships face. As viewers, we always want things tied up in a nice little bow, but I think the ending of The Kissing Booth captures a realistic side of romance that’s rarely portrayed, and I would hate to see that ruined in a second film.


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