We’re obsessed with cold-weather fashion!

From cozy hats to oversized jackets, there are so many fun things to choose from. And one of our favorite brands, NOIZE, has the absolute best clothes for cold weather situations. We seriously can’t get enough! Keep scrolling to get a look at our top picks.

Gigi-P Long-Length Parka: $290 (on sale for $203!)

You can never go wrong with black outerwear, especially when it comes in the form of this stunning parka. Made with vegan leather sleeves and an oversized fur hood, this jacket will keep you nice and cozy on the coldest of days. It’s not only modern-looking, but it keeps out the cold and fits just right! We’ve tried this one for ourselves and absolutely love the feel of the jacket. Not to mention, it photographs extremely well!


(via NOIZE)


Harmony Pull-On Puffer Boot: $175 (on sale for $87.50!)

We’ll be the first to admit that we probably have way too many black boots in our closets, but we can’t help it! These ones, in particular, caught our eyes from the very start. Mimicking the look of a puffer jacket, these water-resistant boots were made for walking in the rain and jumping in puddles. With super warm insulation and a drawstring to tighten the top, you can expect your toes to stay nice and toasty.


(via NOIZE)


Sophie Bucket Hat: $60 (on sale for $18!)

When bucket hats first became popular a few years back, we weren’t super into the trend, but NOIZE knows how to make them look good. Seriously, we think anyone could rock this teddy-inspired hat! Made in collaboration with one of our favorite influencer couples Tezza and Cole, this hat is made from vegan wool and is plushy in texture. Throw it on to not only keep warm, but also to make a killer fashion statement.


(via NOIZE)


Rumours Vegan Leather Jacket: $200 (on sale for $60!)

Green is without a doubt one of our go-to colors of the season, and for good reason! Just look at how stunning this Tezza and Cole collab lime green jacket is. Crafted from vegan leather, this boxy jacket features a mid-length fit, buttons and pockets, aka, everything you could ever need. We think this would not only work in cold weather situations, but virtually any other season, too!


(via NOIZE)


Want to learn more about Tezza and Cole? Look HERE to find out all about their collab with NOIZE.