Noshinku Is a Hand Sanitizer, Skin Moisturizer and Stylish Accessory All in One Neat Package

Before 2020, I could have never predicted the incredible importance that hand sanitizer would someday play in my life.

And over the last 14 months or so, I have tried literally dozens of types of hand sanitizers in search of a favorite, and I have firmly come down on Noshinku as the brand I love best. Not only do their spray-on sanitizers work great and smell absolutely beautiful, but they don't leave my hands feeling dry and cracked like a lot of other sanitizers.

Up until recently, I'd only had the pleasure of trying one of their fragrances, the Bergamot, which I adored—and very quickly used up—so when the brand offered to send me their other two signature scents to try, I jumped at the opportunity. Here's everything you need to know about the brand, and how to find out whether Noshinku is right for you.

The Brand

Noshinku is a 100% organic hand sanitizer brand that aims to nourish while it cleanses. Their spray-on products use 70% USP-grade organic sugarcane alcohol to kill 99.9% of all germs, while the addition of good-for-you ingredients like argan, coconut, jojoba and rosehip leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. They're also scented with all-natural essential oil fragrances that smell so good you'll want to apply them again and again, helping you remember to always keep your hands clean.

Noshinku Lavendula and Eucalyptus sanitizers

(via Noshinku)

At the moment, Noshinku hand sanitizers are available in Lavendula, Bergamot and Eucalyptus fragrances. You can get them in their stylish and handy pocket sanitizers, which are perfectly sized for your purse or pocket, as well as refillable mini hand sanitizers in aluminum bottles. A discovery three-pack of the .67 oz. pocket sanitizers sells for $25, or you can nab them individually for $10, while the 3.4 oz. mini bottles sell in a discovery three-pack for $45, or individually for $16 each.

Noshinku refillable bottles

(via Noshinku)


The Scents


Noshinku's Bergamot hand sanitizer has been my favorite for a long time, so I was delighted to get a top-up, and I wasn't disappointed to revisit it. This sanitizer smells super clean, with a scent that beautifully mixes sweet, citrusy notes with woodsy ones. But even better than that, after I use it, my hands feel super cleansed, leaving me worry-free after any outing, but without feeling dried out at all. In fact, they feel softer and more moisturized than before I applied the sanitizer.

Noshinku Bergamot sanitizer

(via Noshinku)



Noshinku's Lavendula fragrance was an all-new experience for me, so I was curious about whether I'd like it even half as much as the Bergamot. I'm happy to report that while it offers a completely different scent profile, I think the competition is close. The lavender scent is delicately floral, which pairs well with the astringent scent of the sanitizer, with the smallest hint of spice. Plus, it works, and made my hands feel just as good as the Bergamot.

Noshinku Lavendula sanitizer

(via Noshinku)



Finally, it was time to try the final new scent, Eucalyptus. While this is definitely the strongest of the scents, and probably won't be for everyone, I found it just as lovely as the others. The scent is sharp, fresh and almost mint-like, with earthy, pungent notes. It just smells clean—and it's just as effective and hydrating as the two scents that came before it.

Noshinku Eucalyptus sanitizer

(via Noshinku)


Bottom Line

There's a lot to love about Noshinku. First of all, their pocket packs are extremely convenient for when you're on the go, and they're super cute, too. Secondly, they're my favorite scented hand sanitizers out there. Lastly, they get the job done, protecting your hands from germs while also making your skin feel great.

Noshinku Lavendula sanitizer in hand

(via Noshinku)

You couldn't ask for much more from a hand sanitizer, which does explain the fact that these aren't going to be the cheapest sanitizers out there. Great packaging and safe and organic ingredients make this a more premium product. However, if it's within your price point and you're looking for a new favorite sanitizer, Noshinku will be your brand.


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