Notes From the Universe Is Here to Help You If You're Feeling Down and Out

I've felt pretty discouraged over the past couple of months.

For every step forward, I always ended up taking a couple steps backward. It really just felt as though nothing was going to work out for me.

I confided in my friend Shawna, who told me about this magical thing called Notes From the Universe, which kept her motivated when she was feeling down. I was immediately intrigued.

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Shawna explained it as this nice, uplifting note from the universe (duh!) that inspires you to keep going after your hopes and dreams.

It was also reassuring knowing that Jason Mraz, Christina Perri, Olivia Culpo and more are subscribers of this service.

The next day, I decided to sign up myself.

I was asked to fill out a registration form that asked the typical questions—name, email, birthday, address, etc. I was also asked to schedule when I received my notes, opting to have one sent to my email every single weekday.

When I scrolled down to the bottom, I was asked to fill out two goals I had set for myself.

Goals section when signing up for Notes From the Universe

The examples listed having a beautiful vacation home and helping millions of people every day. Mine were a bit different, but we'll keep that between me and the universe for now.

Once that was done and my signup was complete, I patiently waited for my first note to arrive.

Early the following morning, I was gifted with my first note. It read:

I know what to do!

I know what to do, Ashley! Send me there!

Imagine me as a whirling ball of gold. Going in and out, to and fro. Healing, helping, soothing. Understanding, showing, mending. Bridging, rekindling, befriending.

Let me be your doctor, lawyer, ambassador. Your Niña, Pinta, and Santa María. Exploring, discovering, and lighting the way.

Because, Ashley, there's nowhere we can't go, there's no one we can't reach, and there's nothing we can't do.


The Universe

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Everything felt right while reading that note. I knew that it was all going to be okay, especially because the universe was on my side.

It's been a little more than a month since I've been receiving these notes, and each one feels more magical and uplifting than the last.

While I haven't exactly achieved my goals, I've been making some strong headway. Rather than getting down on myself and talking myself out of going for something, I've been doing the exact opposite.

I highly recommend signing up for Notes From the Universe if you're feeling unsure of yourself at the moment. It worked for me. I've felt more confident than ever before thanks to the personalized notes I receive every morning.

You may be wary of these notes, but I promise there's no catch. Go ahead and give it a shot! What have you got to lose?


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