Numerology is a bit like astrology, except instead of looking at the positions of the planets and stars to determine your destiny, you use the numbers related to your birth.

If you’ve ever been interested in the study, here’s the easiest way to find out your numerology life path number and what it reveals about you.

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Use this guide to determine the digits that correspond to your birth month, date and year.

Your Birth Month

  • January or October: 1
  • February or November: 2
  • March or December: 3
  • April: 4
  • May: 5
  • June: 6
  • July: 7
  • August: 8
  • September: 9

Your Birth Day

  • 1, 10, 19 or 28: 1
  • 2, 11, 20 or 29: 2
  • 3, 12, 21 or 30: 3
  • 4, 13, 22 or 31: 4
  • 5, 14 or 23: 5
  • 6, 15, 24: 6
  • 7, 16, 25: 7
  • 8, 17, 26: 8
  • 9, 18, 27: 9


Your Birth Year

First, take your birth year and add all of its individual digits together. For example, if you were born in 2002, you’d add 2+0+0+2, and get 4.

If the resulting number is more than a single digit, add the resulting digits together. For example, if you got 27, add 2 + 7 to get 9.


Getting Your Life Path Number

Add together the three single-digit numbers you got from your birth month, birth day and birth year. If the resulting number is more than a single digit, add the resulting digits together to get your life path number. Repeat until you have just one digit.

However, if adding your birth month, day and year numbers results in an 11 or 22, you have a special number called a master number.


Keep reading to find out what your life path number says about you.


Life Path 1

You’re strong, independent and born to lead. Sometimes you can be a bit of a loner, as you know you don’t need anyone else to get the job done, but in a group situation, you always rise to the occasion. You like to be in control at all times, but you should know that a good leader knows when to delegate, as well.

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Life Path 2

You’re a generous and kind keeper of the peace. You tend to put the needs of others ahead of your own and are willing to sacrifice your own happiness for other people. If friends are having a disagreement, you know exactly how to mediate and make sure things are fair for both parties. You should learn to put yourself first from time to time.


Life Path 3

You’re artistic and imaginative with a flair for the creative. Your mind is full of ideas you’d like to execute, and you’re always surprising people with your creations. People might find your ideas impractical, but you never let people tell you that you can or can’t do something. Sometimes they might even be right, but you’ll try anyway.

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Life Path 4

You’re known for being extremely reliable and always working hard. You never take the easy way out of a situation and firmly believe that slow and steady wins the race every time. You think there’s a right and a wrong way to achieve your goals, and you tend butt heads with people who think easier is better, but you know you’ll always get what you need as long as you do your best.


Life Path 5

You’re a freedom-seeker who craves adventures and the chance to try new things. You love visiting exotic locations, striking up conversations with interesting people and being the first to taste weird new foods. You love a good party and can’t stand monotony or boredom.

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Life Path 6

You’re definitely a people person and you’re never happier than when you’re surrounded by the people you care about. You intuitively get people, and you like to bring them together, whether it’s over shared interests or friends in common. You’ve got a magnetic charm and rarely go unnoticed when you walk into a room.



Life Path 7

You’re extremely curious and want to know the answers to all of life’s big questions. You’re a daydreamer who’s prone to zoning out as you ponder over your favorite mysteries, as well as your own identity. You find immense satisfaction in solving a complicated problem, but you can also be shy and keep to yourself.

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Life Path 8

You’re extremely driven to succeed, and you’re willing to put in the work to make that happen. You want to matter and have an actual lasting impact on the world around you. You want to be in charge so you can be the one to make the rules. Remember not to always let school and work take priority. Your loved ones are important, too!


Life Path 9

You’re always an optimist and you can see the best in people, even when others can’t. You’re happiest when you can touch other people’s lives in a positive way, and you think that the world is a good place, but that it could get even better with some help. You’re good at uniting people over a common goal and you crave beauty and harmony.

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Life Path 11

As one of the master numbers, you sometimes feel that you’re luckier than most people. Good things seem to happen to you, and you’ve had the chance to experience opportunities that other people just don’t get. You’re also in tune with the thoughts and emotions of other people, who see you as a healing figure, whether that’s literally or through their actions.


Life Path 22

Life path 22 is another master number, making you an extremely creative and influential person. You’re likely to become a leader who people look up to, and you have huge potential to change the world. Use your voice for good and you’ll be remembered.


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