NYE Ideas That Don't Involve Leaving Your House

The end of 2022 is fast approaching, and with it, so is your time to lock in plans for how you will spend New Year's Eve.

If leaving the house is one thing that's definitely not on your to-do list for your end-of-year celebrations, there's no need to scramble for ways you can still make your NYE one of the best yet. Instead, simply try one of these ideas.

1. Have Friends Over for a Year Summary Presentation Party

If you're prepared to get sentimental, a PowerPoint presentation party (a trend you may have seen all over TikTok already) involving each guest putting together a condensed look at important moments from the last year is a perfect way to ring in the new year.


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2. Host a Game Night

If the presentation idea sounds like too much effort, a game night might be a great alternative. It still doesn't require you to leave your house, but you can calmly (or competitively, depending on how and what you play) celebrate the start of 2023 with the people that matter most to you.


3. Cook a Family Dinner

Celebrate with the ones who always have your back with a full-on family dinner on NYE. Bonus points if you're able to whip up everyone's favorite dish individually, but even ordering takeout can be a great way to relax and surround yourself with loved ones on this often-overhyped holiday.


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4. Facetime a Friend

Know someone else who plans on staying in this NYE? Connecting with each other from the comfort of your own couches can be a fun way to kick off 2023, especially when you reminisce about core moments from the last year of your lives.


5. Sparklers in the Driveway

Light up the night in a much easier-to-cleanup kind of way by waving some sparklers around (safely) outside. If you know that fireworks will be set up in your neighborhood, this is an even better way to catch a good view without having to actually drive anywhere at all.


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6. Watch the Countdown & Go to Bed Right After

Not feeling New Year's this year? No problem! There's no need to force yourself to go all out in celebration just because it's what you think you're "supposed" to do. So go ahead and pop on New Year's Rockin' Eve, catch the countdown and performances then head right off to bed at a decent hour right after. You deserve it.


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