Country Singer Olivia Lane Lights Up Our Lives As Our #WCW ????

Do you know someone who radiates happiness and positivity? Someone you want to be around just so they can share their good vibes with you?

Country artist Olivia Lane is that person. From her charming personality, to her stellar, twangy voice and upbeat aura, she's the whole package.

If you're not already familiar with this powerful singer—and our fabulous #WCW this week—please kick back and read how this country cutie makes each day a little bit sunnier! ????

Olivia Lane Sweety High's WCW artwork

(Photo Credit: Dusty Barker)

Full Name: Olivia Joy Lane

Hometown: Houston, TX

Birthday: July 26, 1991

Zodiac Sign: Leo

One of Her Biggest Inspirations: Her mom ????

Three Things on Her Bucket List: Go to Mount Rushmore, hold a Koala in Australia and ride a camel ????

Fun Facts:

1. Olivia's mom was a regional singer in Texas and the one who encouraged her to follow her dreams by placing her in community theater and choir at a young age. Mom's are seriously the best support system!

When your mom's pose game is waaay above yours #igotitfrommymama

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2. Olivia convinced her family to move to Los Angeles when she was 16 so she could pursue her creative dream in the entertainment capital of the world! 

3. L.A. must have stolen Olivia's heart, because she decided to stay in Southern California and attend USC for theater. There, she learned the craft of songwriting and decided once and for all to become a country music artist. We're sure glad she did. ????

4. Singing isn't all this girl can do! She can act, play the guitar and play the piano. Share the talent, would ya!

5. Olivia truly loves all types of music, but she told Rolling Stone that the storytelling aspect of country music is what really pulled her in.


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6. Her song, "Make My Own Sunshine," is a testament to how she looks at life as an opportunity to create happiness. We totally support this outlook. 

7. She is currently spreading joy and positivity through her Sunshine Movement Campaign, where she encourages others to go out in the world and do nice things for other people. How amazing is that?! ????

8. Olivia is currently featured on the iTunes Country New Artist Spotlight and has been selected as an Entertainment Weekly "Breaking Big" artist and one of Rolling Stone's "10 New Country Artists You Need To Know." Let's just say all her hard work is def paying off!

9. Olivia is playing three events during CMA Fest this year (which starts tomorrow ????). From the looks of it, she's pretty excited!


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